Driveline Individual Axe Bat Speed System


Save $99 by ordering the kit!

-All the equipment needed to start training as a hitter on your own

-8 sets of PlyoCare balls for hitting drill work

-1 set of Axe Bat Speed Trainers

-1 Tanner Heavy Tee

-Recommended age: 14+




Equipment to Efficiently Train for Hitting.


Driveline Individual Axe Bat Speed System has all the equipment you need to get started. Your kit comes with 3 sets of hitting PlyoCare balls for everyday training, a Tanner Heavy Tee, and a set of Axe Bat Speed Trainers.

Axe Bat Speed Trainers, Powered By Driveline Baseball

-2 20% OVERLOAD BATS. 1 handle-loaded, 1 end-loaded



-AXE HANDLE for more bat speed and barrel control, reduced risk of hand/nerve injuries

-DURABLE one-piece alloy and composite constructions featuring reinforced barrels engineered for strength and durability

-INCREASE BAT SPEED with Driveline Baseball’s proven training programs to use year round for improving bat speed, barrel control and power.


Tanner Heavy Tee (Adjustable 26-43 inch)

-10 lb. heavyweight base with a commercial grade rubber over mold

– Engineered for optimal weight distribution and versatility

– New design features three contact points for maximum balance, increased stability and less creep

– Achieve any tee placement position on or off home plate without the tee leaning

– Solid steel frame built for long lasting durability


Driveline Hitting Plyocare Balls (8 sets of)

Full set of PlyoCare balls includes:

Navy Blue: 350g

Royal Blue: 300g

Sky Blue: 250g

White: 200g

-Improve barrel control and stay strong through point of contact

-Inflation allows for immediate feedback on quality of contact

-Durable PVC shell designed built to be used every day

-4 different weights create a different stimulus at impact

Recommended age: 14+

Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Bat Size

32", 33", 34"

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