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Driveline Short Training Bat

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Improve your swing pattern with the Driveline Short Training Bat

Hone your swing with the Driveline Short Training Bat. This 28″/31oz tool is engineered to improve posture adjustment to pitch height, enhance contact quality by encouraging flush contact deeper in the zone, and foster a proper upper body connection while rotating the barrel. It also aids in rectifying bat path issues by magnifying mis-hits, thanks to its shorter barrel length.

Recommended for high school, college, and professional hitters. Best used in conjunction with Driveline Hitting programming, including our Free 6 Week Hitting Program.


CLEAN UP YOUR BAT PATH by using the shorter barrel length to magnify mis-hits, providing immediate feedback that you can use to pattern a more efficient movement pattern. The Short Training Bat promotes proper upper body sequencing and staying “connected” while rotating the barrel.

IMPROVE CONTACT QUALITY by making flush contact deeper in the zone.

LEARN PROPER SWING POSTURE by adjusting to pitch height with your posture instead of manipulating your wrists.

DURABLE one-piece alloy and composite constructions featuring reinforced barrels engineered for strength and durability.

Learn more about Driveline hitting training:

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