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Driveline Long Training Bat

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Improve your swing pattern with the Driveline Long Training Bat

The Long Training Bat is a staple in our daily hitting programming at Driveline. It’s designed to help hitters improve their rotational sequence and elevate their bat speed by promoting efficient movement from the ground up through overload training principles.

The Long Training Bat is an overload training implement, clocking in at 37”/37oz, and is custom engineered with a durable construction that’s ready for years of training.

Recommended for high school, college, and professional hitters. Best used in conjunction with Driveline Hitting programming, including our Free 6 Week Hitting Program.


TRAIN PROPER ROTATIONAL SEQUENCING with the 37″/37oz Driveline Long Training Bat. The Long Training Bat is longer and heavier than any of our training bats, making it more difficult to swing. To move this heavy implement efficiently, the hitter must keep their hands back, while opening up the hips and torso to create space for the hands and bat to travel through the hitting zone. Creating space cannot be achieved without proper sequencing, and swinging the Axe Long Trainer promotes just that.

DEVELOP BARREL PRECISION using the additional length of the Long Training Bat, which forces an exaggerated focus and feel for controlling the barrel. The extra weight makes it very easy to “dump” or “lose” the barrel in between first move and contact. Because of this, hitters develop a heightened focus on the ball-bat collision.

IMPROVE BAT SPEED using proven overload/underload training methodologies. Similar to our Bat Speed Trainers, the Long Training Bat is an additional overload training tool to help aid in bat speed development for both beginner and advanced hitters alike.

GET IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK on how to move more efficiently by forcing your body to generate bat speed from the ground up, using the larger segments in your hips and legs.

DURABLE one-piece alloy and composite constructions featuring reinforced barrels engineered for strength and durability.

Learn more about Driveline hitting training:

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