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At Driveline, we are committed to getting our athletes the best results possible. It takes a team of dedicated and open-minded staff to ensure that we do.

What Interns Have Said About Working at Driveline Baseball

“Working at Driveline was an incredible opportunity and period of self development for me. Every day consisted of thought provoking, detailed, and collaborative work with people who had a passion for understanding and innovating. It’s an environment where intelligently applied hard work leads to huge results.”

Jesse Clingman

R&D Intern: Biomechanics

“Being an R&D intern at Driveline was a phenomenal experience. I was able to do projects about the things that most interested me (spin rate) while also working on projects assigned to me (arm stress). It was a lot of fun and I learned so much.”

Erin Bristow

Pitching and R&D Intern


Where Have Our Employees and Interns Gone on to Succeed?

Professional baseball loves our employees and interns. Get your career started at Driveline Baseball and your opportunity inside Major League Baseball will come sooner rather than later. We’re finishing school for the progressive baseball coach, analyst, and trainer. No other baseball training organization can claim this level of success with their internship program. Here’s the list of people who have moved on from Driveline Baseball since 2017.

    • Andrew Cresci: Houston Astros, MiLB Hitting Coach

    • Anthony Brady: Philadelphia Phillies, Biomechanist

    • Ben Jones: Toronto Blue Jays, Biomechanist

    • Brady Conlan: Pittsburgh Pirates, MiLB Hitting Coach

    • Bryan Leslie: Milwaukee Brewers, Assistant Pitching Coordinator

    • Cam Castro: Milwaukee Brewers, Vice President of Player Development

    • Casey Jacobson: Chicago Cubs, Senior Pitching Coordinator

    • Christian Hook: Detroit Tigers

    • Cody Aden: Milwaukee Brewers, MiLB Pitching Advisor

    • Collin Hetzler: New York Mets, MiLB Hitting Coach

    • Connor Rooney: Chicago Cubs, Rehab Coach

    • Connor Нinchliffe: Los Angeles Angels, Pitching Analyst

    • Cory Popham: Toronto Blue Jays, Pitching Development Coordinator

    • Dan Aucoin: Philadelphia Phillies, Assistant Director of Foundational Research

    • Daniel Moskos: Chicago Cubs, Assistant Pitching Coach

    • David Besky: Boston Red Sox, Coordinator of Player Development

    • Demetre Kokoris: Texas Rangers, MiLB Pitching Coach

    • Devin Rose: Major League Coaching Assistant — Pitching (Boston Red Sox)

    • Dillon Leveille: Assistant Coach at New Mexico State

    • Drew Jarmuz: Tampa Bay Rays, Sports Dietician

    • Jack Bredeson: New York Mets, Coordinator of Pitching Analysis and Evaluations

    • Jack McGeary: San Francisco Giants, Software Engineer

    • Jake Witt: Seattle Mariners, MiLB Pitching Coach

    • James Barber: Minnesota Twins, Motion Data Analyst

    • James Buffi: Reboot Motion, CEO

    • Joel McKeithan: Cincinnati Reds, MLB Hitting Coach

    • John Soteropulos: Boston Red Sox, Roving Complex Hitting Coach

    • Kyle Houts: Assistant Coach at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore

    • Kyle Lindley: Biomechanics Analyst, Philadelphia Phillies

    • Matt Daniels: Minnesota Twins, Pitching Development & Acquisitions Specialist

    • Micah Daley-Harris: Arizona Diamondbacks, Research Analyst

    • Micah Hamilton: Duke University, Video Assistant

    • Michael Schwartze: San Francisco Giants, Director of Baseball Analytics

    • Rachel Balkovec: New York Yankees, MiLB Manager

    • Ryan Faer: Cleveland Guardians, Sports Science Analyst

    • Sam Bornstein: Philadelphia Phillies, Quantitative Analyst

    • Sam Briend: New York Yankees, Senior Director of Pitching

    • Sammy Lizaragga: Quality Control (Vanderbilt Baseball)

    • Spencer Medick: New York Yankees, Player Development

    • Sumair Shah: Minnesota Twins, Player Development Analyst

    • Sydney Jenkins: Toronto Blue Jays, Strength Coach

    • Taiki Green: Watch Momentum, Head of Content

    • Tanner Reklaitis: Tread Athletics, Director of Operations

    • Zack Jones: Philadelphia Phillies, MiLB Hitting Coach

Some employees love it at Driveline Baseball so much that they have no interest in leaving here to go to professional baseball, so we invented the split deal contract in 2019. We take care of our employees and let them explore other options while remaining part of our family. The following Driveline Baseball employees work in professional baseball while staying employed here; the best of both worlds, and the future for MLB organizations trying to employ our people.

    • Jason Ochart: Boston Red Sox – Director of Hitting Development & Program Design

    • Eric Jagers: New York Mets – Director of Pitching Development

    • Rob Hill: Los Angeles Dodgers – Director of Minor League Pitching

    • Dan Adams: Sport Scientist, Cincinnati Reds – High Performance Manager, Driveline Baseball

Open Positions

Full-Time Positions


Lead High Performance Trainer

The Lead High Performance Trainer reports directly to the Director of High Performance to ensure all elements of the athlete experience are being met to the standards upheld at Driveline Baseball. They achieve this by working collaboratively with other trainers and coaches and working daily with our athletes.


Part-Time / Seasonal Positions



Hitting Coach

This position is a 6 month coaching internship and reports directly to our Hitting Managers to design and execute hitting programs. They work collaboratively with other trainers and coaches and work daily with our athletes.

Head Coach – Driveline Academy

Looking to start or to continue your coaching career?

Join our rapidly growing youth Academy. Driveline Academy has Head Coaching positions available from ages 9u-18u.

Our teams represent what we believe youth travel baseball should be, focusing on building great baseball players, developing skills that scale, and keeping baseball fun. Utilize our world-class facility and tools to train the next generation.

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