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The heartbeat of your pitching development plan.

A simple, actionable way to build arm strength and aid recovery by giving you daily workload targets for your throwing program.

The sensor’s physics engine collects throwing biomechanics data to tailor your warm-up, throwing program, and pitch counts every day.

Move beyond in-game pitch counts and innings totals. PULSE tailors your throwing program to your individual mechanics and workload history using biomechanics-based workload metrics.

Get the most out of your reps, use a smarter throwing program, both in- and off-season.


PULSE gives you the information you need to be ready to dominate when you step on the mound.


Use PULSE insights to make informed decisions about your throwing program every day.


Long- and short-term throwing workloads can help you evaluate your arm health, arm strength, and fatigue so you can make the best decision for your baseball career.


Just wear the comfortable strap with the sensor and instantly get accurate workloads


Validated against our gold-standard biomechanics lab, the stress and workload measures are accurate and reliable.


Daily workload calculations let you safely build throwing fitness over time. Get the most from each rep.


Coaches – manage your team, evaluate trends, and generate team readiness reports all in the same place.


Link your PULSE account to your TRAQ account and get access to your training program directly from the app.


Evaluate how efficiently you throw by combining velocity data with your PULSE metrics.

What does PULSE measure?

Driveline PULSE measures throwing workload, elbow torque and arm speed during the throw, and arm slot at release. Find out more about metric definitions here.

How do I get started with PULSE?

Getting started with PULSE is as easy as making your account, putting your sensor and strap on, and throwing as usual. Follow the step-by-step for setting up your account and your strap here.

Do I get a throwing program with PULSE?

PULSE provides daily workload recommendations to increase the throwing fitness you’ll need to dominate the regular and post season when it matters most. You can also build programs manually with some workload guidance from PULSE. Learn more about how chronic workload can be built up leading up to the season here.

Does my Motus sensor work for PULSE?

Yes, PULSE is powered by the exact same sensor and data that were used with Motus. Same sensor, simpler and more actionable insights. Learn more about the transition to PULSE here.

I’m a coach, how many sensors do I need?

The PULSE system works best when each athlete whose workload you want to track has their own assigned sensor, so if you want to track workload for 5 of your pitchers, we recommend purchasing 5 sensors. Learn how a national championship pitching staff incorporated PULSE into their program here.

Do I need to throw with my sensor every day?

No you don’t, you can simulate your workload which means manually adding an estimated throw count; it uses your typical torque values to calculate an estimated 1-day workload. This way you can log workload data even if you forget or don’t use your sensor that day. Learn more about how PULSE is making workload management easier than ever here.

PULSEdash is now in TRAQ