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PULSE Throw Workload Monitor

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The PULSE Throw Workload Monitor is the heartbeat of your pitching development plan. Using biomechanics-based metrics, get insights into how much you should throw on any given day as well as deeper insights about your throwing fitness, fatigue, and training program.
  • This package contains: 1 PULSE sensor, 1 strap, 1 USB charging cable, download links to the free PULSE Throw app, and links to educational content to get you started
  • REQUIRES AN APPLE iOS DEVICE — Android devices NOT supported at this time


The lab-accurate PULSE sensor is worn in a strap on the throwing arm, and sits just below the Ulnar-Collateral-Ligament (UCL). Each throw captures peak valgus torque on the arm, which is calculated into state-of-the-art workload measures designed to help you train at your peak.

  • Measures pitching workload and biomechanics metrics
  • Get insights about throwing fitness, fatigue levels, and your training program
  • Great for athletes wanting to get the most out of their training program, and coaches who need want to optimize the throwing programs for all of their athletes
  • Requires Apple iOS (Android devices NOT supported)
  • Includes wearable strap and USB charging cable


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