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There’s a better way to train command.

Ditch repetitive and ineffective command drills. Driveline Command Training Balls vary in both size and weight (Pro Set only) to leverage proprioception and contextual interference, training pitchers to refine their command in a more effective way. Combine with our free Command Balls Training Sheet and Intended Zones Tracking Tool to take command training to the next level.

Now offering both Pro and Basic Set options, featuring balls with size and weight variance (Pro), or size variance alone (Basic).


Command training that actually works.

For too long, the path to throwing more strikes and improving pitching command has been unclear and ineffective. That’s why we created our Command Training Balls — to make the process of developing pitching command simpler and more effective.

Combined with our free Command Balls Training Sheet and Intended Zones Tracker, Driveline Command Training Balls take the essence of proprioception, the unconscious recognition of motion and position, and contextual interference, the method of randomizing motor skills training, to give you a cutting-edge tool for refining your pitch command.

No more repetitive, unproductive drills. Instead, pitchers can train with varying ball sizes and weights, instinctively adjusting their delivery and improving skill retention for a more effective and lasting impact.

Featuring updated Command Training protocols and tools

  • Free Command Balls Training Sheet: This free program should be used as a guide for creating your personalized command training routine.
  • Free Intended Zones Tracking Tool: To take your command training to the next level, take advantage of our free Intended Zones Tracking tool to understand where you miss your spot most often, and by how much. This information can be used to both build a customized program based on your needs as well as monitoring your progress over time during command training sessions. You can think about it like a radar gun for command training — a way to provide objective feedback and insight into your command training progress.

What’s different about the new Command Training Balls?

Our previous Command Training Balls offering featured only the Pro configuration, which includes balls that differ in both weight and size. After launching, we heard a lot of feedback asking for a set that only included 5oz balls that differ in size, as a way to start out command training without the added difficulty of weight variance. This feedback inspired our latest Command Training Balls, which feature both the Pro and Basic Set options. The Basic Set includes only 5oz balls that are +5% bigger and -5% smaller than a standard baseball, and also for a more affordable price. The Pro Set still includes balls that have both size and weight variance.

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Additional information

Weight 40 oz

Basic – Set of 6, Pro – 3 Sets of 6


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