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DrivelinePLUS is our membership program for serious baseball coaches and players.  

  • Exclusive Member Discounts. PLUS members receive our best prices on products. Including certifications.
  • Members-Only Products. PLUS members get access to brand new members-only products and bundles.
  • Free shipping on all orders. Buying Driveline training equipment or books? You’ll get free shipping every single time.
  • Exclusive, In-Depth Video Content. Members get access to 30+ mini-courses diving into all categories of baseball including weekly updates with brand new videos.
  • Exclusive Trainer Access. Members only slack channel for weekly Q & A’s and exclusive monthly webinars where trainers answer your questions.



We built DrivelinePLUS for the most dedicated coaches and players. They are constantly learning, growing, and looking for an edge.

Exclusive video content–deep dives and how-tos on baseball player development topics 


An exclusive slack channel just for Driveline plus members. This group enables you to get access to Driveline trainers for weekly Q & A’s and other questions


The best prices on Driveline’s physical and digital products. Whether it’s training gear or certifications, plus members get a discount.


Exclusive,members-only deals on special training gear.


DrivelinePLUS gives you inside, in-depth access to our lab and trainers, all broken down to help develop
and compete at your level of baseball.

What’s specifically included?

  • A full course of videos on pitch design
  • How we apply our mobility and strength assessments to hitters and pitchers
  • Breakdowns of specific research, baseball technology, and coaching concepts
  • In-depth looks at our hitting training and assessments
  • Explainers on Blast, KVest, batted ball reports for hitters and Rapsodo for pitchers
  • Get the most out of your current team with applied sabermetrics for amateur teams

Our Prices

  • PlyoCare® Ball Sets - $35.00-79.00
  • All-leather Weighted Ball Sets - $49.00
  • Our durable, leather Wrist Weights - $49.00
  • Our best-selling mini trampoline - $49.00

Our Offers

  • Durable, “good enough” practice baseballs that we hit with every day for less than $30 per dozen
  • Driveline-branded high quality tumblers and shaker bottles for less than $10
  • Plus many other great deals on products players and coaches use every day

So that’s PLUS, a comprehensive membership for coaches and
players wired towards continuous learning.


FAQ 01

Do I have to buy a year’s subscription at a time?

Yes, Driveline Plus is only currently available as a yearly subscription.


FAQ 02

When will videos be released?

We release videos in ‘mini-courses’, a set of videos on a related topic, throughout the year. Examples of three mini-course:
Pitching Biomechanics & Mechanics, Basics of Bat Sensors, Pitching Analytics 101. A Plus subscription gets you all three
mini-course Plus 27 more.


FAQ 03

Are the third party deals permanent?

No, the third party exclusives are available until we sell out of the equipment. New exclusives will be available at different times
of the year.



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