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1000s of athletes and coaches use Driveline Baseball's training programs to develop great baseball players. We use a data-driven approach to test and retest our training methods to develop batspeed and barrel awareness in hitters and pitching velocity and command in pitchers.
When you train with Driveline Baseball, your program has been rigorously tested and re-tested with EMG sensors, wearable computers and high-speed cameras to ensure your training works to get you the results you want.

Don’t train with untested drills.



To put it simply, Kyle Boddy and Driveline Baseball are revolutionizing the way pitchers train by the way of movement patterns - strength and conditioning, arm deceleration, efficiency, etc. They are pushing the pitching ceiling upwards to not only increase velocity, but also health. Driveline Baseball's desire to be the best is why we use their protocols here at Coastal Carolina.

Drew Thomas, Coastal Carolina Pitching Coach, 2016 College World Series Champions

Driveline training systems are the most comprehensive and advanced approach to pitching development out there. If you're looking for a program that creates healthy arms and velocity - look no further. My guys will always use their training systems.

Nate Yeskie, Oregon State Pitching Coach, 2013 ABCA Pitching Coach of the Year

“I have yet to meet a trainer who incorporates as much biomechanical research into training as Kyle does. Kyle is the wave of the future for baseball training and I highly recommend him to all of my baseball clients.”

Andy Lodato MPT, CMPT, c. MDT , Owner of PhysioCare PT

“Driveline Baseball has been a tremendous asset for my son over the past year. Not only has this training added significant velocity to my son’s arm, but more important Kyle has been a great advocate, mentor and resource in the training.”

Brian Scheerer, Athletic Director of Bonney Lake HS and Father of 14U Pitcher

Driveline Baseball has been instrumental in the development of elite pitchers. We use their protocols at Vanderbilt.

Scott Brown, Vanderbilt Pitching Coach, 2014 College World Series Champions

“The weighted ball program does so much more than add velocity – it’s a great opportunity to stretch out your arm and back of the shoulder. I notice a little extra life to my fastball, that little extra ride to miss a bat or even just miss a barrel. If we’re doing it at this level every one should slowly implement some sort of program as well.”

Ryan Buchter, Los Angeles Dodgers

I was trying to choose between a lot of pitching programs. When it came time to make a decision I thought about it like this, [other pitching coach] knows the program works. Kyle knows the program works and knows why it works. And that’s why I chose to train at Driveline.

Casey Weathers

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