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Biomechanics Recap – Summer ‘22
The 2022 college summer training season 2022 is winding down. Players are returning to school for fall ball, competing for …read more
The Benefits of Simplicity in Youth Hitting Training
I heard this great quote the other day:Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication At Driveline Baseball we’re obviously known to be …read more
Breaking New Ground: How Major League Teams Are Leveraging In-Game Biomechanics Data
Biomechanics used to be hard. Well, it’s still hard, but it used to be harder.  In order to collect traditional …read more
Pitching, Research
A Quantitative Analysis of the Lead Leg Block and its Contributions to Velocity
Summary Throughout this post we’ll take a closer look at various aspects of the lead leg block in pitching, looking …read more
Hitting, Research
Hitting Biomechanics
Bat Speed, Point of Contact, and Rotational Velocities Since finalizing the hitting set-up in our motion capture lab (The Launchpad) …read more
Blog Article, Research
A Look Under the Hood: How Driveline Sport Science Collects, Processes, and Analyzes Thousands of Athletes’ Biomechanics Data
Driveline Baseball has long been baseball’s applied biomechanics leader. Since 2008, when founder Kyle Boddy started building his first motion …read more

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