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Skills that Scale: The Complete Youth Baseball Training Manual

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The definitive guide to youth baseball

Skills That Scale: The Complete Youth Baseball Training Manual provides coaches and parents with Driveline’s playbook for blending a love for the game with scientific player development methods. It emphasizes fun, fundamentals, and long-term player health, offering a modern approach to youth baseball. Written by Deven Morgan, Driveline’s Director of Youth Baseball and Founder of Driveline Academy.

Included Online Resources:

  • 🗓️ Yearly training schedule
  • 🏏 Hitting & 🚀Throwing programs
  • 📅 Practice plans
  • 📹 Hitting & Throwing videos
  • 🏋️‍♂️ LTAD library
  • 🤸‍♂️ Dynamic Warm Up library
  • 🥳 Hitting, Throwing & Defense games



Skills That Scale: The Complete Youth Baseball Training Manual is the definitive guide for youth baseball coaches and parents. The book delves deep into the nuances of coaching young athletes, emphasizing the importance of skill development, health, and maintaining a love for the game.

Deven Morgan started at Driveline in 2018, and has been coaching youth recreational and select baseball for more than a decade. Blending his own experiences as a coach along with Driveline’s scientifically-driven approach, it presents a unique blend of data-driven strategies and compassionate coaching techniques.

This comprehensive manual not only equips readers with the tools to enhance athletic skills but also instills an understanding of the psychological and emotional aspects crucial to youth sports. Aimed at changing the youth baseball landscape, it’s a resource that promises to evolve with the needs of young players, ensuring their development is always at the forefront.

What they’re saying:

“What Deven has created with Skills That Scale is the most comprehensive and detailed guide to youth baseball development. The emphasis on fun and fundamentals will keep youth athletes excited about training and engaged in drills. Skills That Scale should become a staple in every coach’s library.”

Jason Hirsh – Former MLB Pitcher & Owner of FAST Performance

“I love that Deven always has an eye on the player’s long term health. I also love that it addresses the profound role that the Coach plays in the development of not only the young athlete, but most importantly, the person. This is clearly evidenced by Deven’s emphasis to love, support, and empower the kids — and if the kids feel loved, they’re more likely to love the Process of development, love playing the game of Baseball, and love who they are, on and off the baseball field.”

Alan Jaeger – Owner of Jaeger Sports, Inventor of the J-Band

“This is an outstanding guide for youth parents and coaches alike. Deven provides a holistic view of personal development, which fuels player development at all levels, but most importantly at the youth level. The key aspects of this manual are applicable to all youth sports, not just baseball.”

Kerrick Jackson – Head Baseball Coach, University of Missouri

“The Skills That Scale concept is something we deploy even at the highest level to make sure that our development is continuous as guys are moving up the levels of the minor league system to realize their dreams. What Deven has created with Driveline in youth baseball is going to have a positive impact on the game for years to come.”

Rachel Balkovec – Minor League Manager, New York Yankees

“This book is truly revolutionary in its message and approach – and provides every reader the tools to become a truly successful coach”

Jordan Baltimore – Owner, NY Empire Baseball

“Move fast, swing hard, throw hard, get better. This book is an excellent resource for both parents and coaches that want to help facilitate a great experience for their youth baseball players.”

Collin Hetzler – AAA Hitting Coach, New York Mets

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