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Youth Coaching EDU Kit

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Bundle the definitive guide to youth baseball + accompanying certification course for $50 off

The Youth Coaching EDU Kit offers a comprehensive solution for coaches and parents seeking to elevate their youth baseball programs. Combining our Skills that Scale: The Complete Youth Baseball Training Manual with our Youth Baseball Development Certification online course, this bundle will equip you with the knowledge, resources, and strategies to foster a fun, engaging, and scientifically-driven environment for young athletes. Master the fundamentals, practice design principles, and developmental techniques that prioritize long-term growth and a love for the game.

Included Online Resources:

  • 🗓️ Yearly training schedule
  • 🏏 Hitting & 🚀Throwing programs
  • 📅 Practice plans
  • 📹 Hitting & Throwing videos
  • 🏋️‍♂️ LTAD library
  • 🤸‍♂️ Dynamic Warm Up library
  • 🥳 Hitting, Throwing & Defense games

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The Complete Youth Baseball Coaching Solution

Unlock the full potential of your youth baseball program with the Youth Coaching EDU Kit, a powerful combination of our foundational youth baseball resources, available for a discount when you buy them together.

A Comprehensive Toolkit for Player Development

This comprehensive bundle unites our Skills that Scale youth baseball training manual with our Youth Baseball Development Certification course, providing you with a complete toolkit for nurturing young athletes’ skills, passion, and overall development.

The Skills that Scale manual is a definitive guide that delves deep into the nuances of coaching young athletes, emphasizing skill development, health, and maintaining a love for the game. Written by Deven Morgan, Driveline’s Director of Youth Baseball and Founder of Driveline Academy, this manual blends personal coaching experiences with Driveline’s scientifically-driven approach, offering a unique blend of data-driven strategies and compassionate coaching techniques.

Complementing the manual, the Youth Baseball Development Certification online course takes your coaching knowledge to new heights. Through 21 comprehensive video lessons, you’ll master the fundamentals of training and programming tailored specifically for youth athletes. Explore the framework of pitching, hitting, and practice design principles, ensuring your practices are not only productive but also engaging and fun.

Comprehensive Resources for Holistic Development

With this bundle, you’ll gain access to a wealth of resources, including yearly training schedules, hitting and throwing programs, practice plans, instructional videos, long-term athlete development libraries, dynamic warm-up exercises, and engaging hitting, throwing, and defense games. These invaluable tools will empower you to create a well-rounded, enjoyable, and effective training environment that fosters long-term growth and success.

Transform Your Youth Baseball Program

By investing in the Youth Coaching EDU Kit, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge, strategies, and resources to transform your youth baseball program into a nurturing environment where young athletes can thrive. Foster their love for the game, develop essential skills that scale, and witness their progress as they embark on a journey of lifelong growth and enjoyment in the sport of baseball.


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