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Youth Baseball Development

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Youth Baseball Development 

This online course contains 21 videos teaching our fundamentals of training and programming applied to youth athletes. We review the framework of pitching, hitting, and how coaches can plan our practices and a season.

  • We explain our training philosophies and how they can be applied to youth athletes to create a fun practice environment that focuses on skills that scale over the long term
  • We review hitting and pitching mechanics, ideal outputs and the basics of our drills
  • We explain practice design principles to make practice fun and productive while looking at how coaches can plan out an entire season of development

Youth coaches and parents are faced with a difficult task: improving the performance of youth baseball players while understanding that baseball is a game of failure. Baseball can be fun, but more often than not practices are constructed around trying to reduce failure rather than maximize fun.

The cost of not solving this is high. Practices aren’t fun, performance doesn’t increase and youth athletes are left wondering if they want to keep playing at all.

Youth baseball players should be able to have fun while also knowing that they are developing the skills that will help them the most in the long-term. This course will teach you what skills to focus on and how you can orient training and practice around those skills in an entertaining and fun way.

Course Details

Driveline’s Youth Development course is entirely online and self-paced.

Certifications are good for the life of the course. No coach is considered certified until they have completed the final quiz of the course.

Each video is followed by a short quiz. Coaches must score 80% or higher to move on to the next section.

Upon completion of the course, coaches will be considered certified. We do not give permission to individuals or programs to represent themselves as “Driveline”, but instructors may represent themselves as “Driveline-certified” or a variant that is appropriate.

Coaches who pass will not be listed as certified on Driveline’s website, but we may confirm completion upon request.


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