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Hacking the Kinetic Chain – Hitting

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Driveline has been at the forefront of the new hitting evolution and now we’re bringing it to you! Both for an individual players and at scale across a large group of athletes, Hacking the Kinetic Chain: Hitting is an extensive resource designed to get the reader up to speed on how-to all things related to coaching hitting in today’s game.


At Driveline, we have collected thousands and thousands of data points over the years with various technologies to truly understand everything we can in regard to developing hitters. We have a world class biomechanics lab and a multi-cage setup rich with tracking technology. We’ve collected data on hundreds of professional hitters and worked with many MLB hitters, including multiple All- Stars and MVPs. With that info, we have created a system for developing hitters that is doable for you, whether you coach a professional team, a high school team, a facility, or yourself. That is what this book is for. By the end, the reader will understand: 

  • Sport science and motor learning as it pertains to hitting
  • In- depth swing biomechanics
  • “The Big 3:” the system used by Driveline Baseball and MLB organizations to systematize the development of their hitters
  • The drills and hitting tools used to see results
  • General programming as well as programming for a variety of development focus areas

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