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The #1 tool for stronger arms

Help your young pitcher build arm strength, velocity and stamina with PlyoCare® training. This proven system is used by athletes at every level of the game, from youth players to big league MVPs.

  • TRAINING SET: Improve pitching mechanics and increase velocity with five weighted PlyoCare balls. Green (1000g), Blue (450g), Red (225g), Yellow (150g), Gray (100g). This set is designed specifically for use with Driveline’s youth throwing programs.
  • IMPROVE PERFORMANCE & RECOVERY: Build a stronger arm by using a range of throwing weights. Overload balls help teach cleaner, more efficient throwing patterns; underload balls teach your arm to move faster. Strong arms hold their velocity for longer and recover more quickly.
  • DURABLITY: Driveline Plyocare Balls are engineered for 15,000 throws. Our durable shell is designed to outlast the competition. Our products include a 365 day manufacturer warranty on all Driveline Baseball equipment.
  • TRUSTED BY THOUSANDS OF PROS – Driveline PlyoCare® Balls are trusted by 1000’s of professionals, 40+ All-Stars, and multiple MVP and Cy Young winners. We also use them extensively with our Driveline Academy youth teams.
  • TRAINING GUIDE: Our set includes our free youth throwing program, which allows young athletes to focus on developing Skills That Scale.



Improve Pitching Mechanics

Heavier balls help teach a cleaner, more
efficient arm action.


Throw Harder

Build a stronger arm by using a range of throwing weights.


Recover Better

Strong arms hold their velocity for longer and recover more quickly.


Warm up Faster

Shorten the time it takes in order to get hot.


Engineered for 15,000 throws

Durable shell designed to outlast the competition

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PlyoCare® balls?
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What’s specifically included?

Improve your arm health, command and velocity at the same time with PlyoCare® Balls.

PlyoCare® balls vary in weight, grooving a more natural and efficient arm path—and with repeated use, ingrain good habits.

Generally, PlyoCare® Balls are used more often as a part of warm-up, recovery and every day throwing drills. Driveline uses them in a variety of constraint drills to help athletes learn mechanics.

Join the professionals that count on these training tools every day to maximize arm care.


More efficient
arm mechanics


Improving your force production

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