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Driveline Youth Underload Skinny Smash Training Bat

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Square up more balls with the Youth Underload Skinny Smash Training Bat

At Driveline, the Youth Underload Smash Training Bat is our preferred tool when it comes to improving the bat speed and bat-to-ball skills of our youth athletes. The slender 1.5” barrel is designed specifically for youth players with a first of its kind custom weighted design, enabling the development of both bat speed and barrel control simultaneously.

Available in sizes 32/19 and 30/16.


CUSTOM-WEIGHTED DESIGN FOR YOUTH PLAYERS. Leveraging data from Driveline’s proprietary bat fitting database, we’ve developed a bat that addresses the unique needs of young athletes. The Youth Underload  Skinny Smash Training Bat’s design focuses on an optimal Moment of Inertia (MOI), allowing for a 20% reduction in MOI compared to standard youth game bats. This innovative approach provides a true underload experience, making it ideal for developing both bat speed and barrel accuracy in tandem.

IMPROVE BAT SPEED AND BARREL CONTROL. A slender 1.5” barrel ensures that young athletes can develop precise bat-to-ball skills, while the underload MOI design allows for supramaximal bat speed development.

GET IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK on how to improve contact quality, especially when paired with our Driveline Mini Hitting Plyo Balls® or Smash Factor Balls™.

DURABLE AND RELIABLE CONSTRUCTION. Crafted to withstand the rigors of intense training sessions, the Youth Underload Skinny Smash Training Bat boasts a robust construction. Its one-piece alloy and composite design ensure both strength and durability, making it a reliable tool for long-term development.

Learn more about youth training at Driveline:

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