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These soft and squishy, undersized rubber hitting plyos are a great way to increase the difficulty of a hitter’s tee and front toss work. Because of the mini-plyos design, any mishits will be greatly exaggerated. This offers the hitter instant feedback in regards to bat path, attack angle, and contact quality.

Great for pregame at youth baseball tournaments!

One set includes 6 Mini Hitting Plyos


Real-time Swing Quality Feedback

Develop a Better Swing 

Driveline Hitting PlyoCare (or “hitting plyos”) balls help athletes evaluate their swing path and give instant feedback on the quality of their contact. The slight overload of the balls allows the hitter to be strong through contact with the ball.

Hitting PlyoCare balls are built to be hit everyday. The extra air in the ball gives on contact to protect metal bats.

How to Use Hitting PlyoCare Balls?

These balls can be integrated directly into daily hitting drill work. We do daily drill and machine work with baseballs and vary the dose of PlyoCare work by hitter.

Off-Set Front Toss: A Hitting Drill Example

We use both baseballs and hitting plyos for this and many other drills inside the facility. Athletes progress from tee work to underhand front toss to overhead toss with these balls. The variation of both the incoming trajectory and speed plus the variation of the ball weight makes for a challenging, adaptive training environment that speeds mechanical improvements and reinforces good movements and good contact.

What Does a Mishit Look Like?

First swing is a mishit, second swing is on plane.

Mishit PlyoCare versus a Mishit Baseball


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