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Game-Speed Training Without the Sting – Designed for Dedicated Softball Players

Smash Factor Softballs finally bring Driveline’s proven hitting training methods to the softball diamond for the first time. These innovative foam-constructed softballs mimic real ball flight from pitching machines, allowing you to train at game speeds with full-intensity swings. Get quality feedback on your contact without the fear of painful mishits or bat damage. Whether you’re a youth player adjusting to faster pitches or a college hitter seeking an offseason edge, Smash Factor Softballs let you take more quality reps and reach your full potential at the plate.

Available in sets of 12, or 6 sets of 12.


PROPRIETARY FOAM CONSTRUCTION FOR REALISTIC TRAINING Smash Factor Softballs feature the same CUSTOM foam technology as our bestselling baseball version, now sized and colored for softball. These 12″ regulation balls are designed to closely mimic the flight of actual softballs out of pitching machines, providing the most game-like training experience possible.

QUALITY FEEDBACK WITHOUT THE PAIN The unique foam construction offers clear feedback on contact quality, allowing you to gauge your performance with each swing. Unlike traditional balls, Smash Factor Softballs absorb impact on mishits, dramatically reducing hand sting and bat damage, especially when used with pitching machines. This means you can train fearlessly at high speeds, taking more quality reps without hesitation.

TRAIN AT GAME SPEEDS WITH FULL INTENT By eliminating the fear of painful mishits, Smash Factor Softballs enable you to swing with full intent at game speeds. This allows for more challenging drills and increased rep counts, accelerating your hitting development.

DURABLE FOR HIGH-VOLUME TRAINING Built to withstand thousands of uses out of pitching machines, Smash Factor Softballs are your reliable training partner for the long haul.

VERSATILE FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS From youth players getting accustomed to faster pitching to college hitters looking for an offseason edge, Smash Factor Softballs are designed for dedicated softball players at all levels committed to improving their hitting.

BRING DRIVELINE’S EXPERTISE TO YOUR TRAINING From the makers of Smash Factor Balls, used by MLB and college teams alongside our research-backed training methods, these softballs bring one of Driveline’s industry-leading baseball innovations to the softball diamond.

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Set of 12, 6 Sets of 12


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