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Foundations of Strength

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This online course contains 28 videos teaching our fundamentals of training and programming applied to the weight room.

  • We explain our training methods and beliefs and how they can be applied in a strength and conditioning setting, while reviewing the basics of anatomy & physiology coaches should understand for throwing athletes.
  • We dive into the basics of exercises science and periodization
  • Explain how to assess athletes and use KPIs to train athletes on a budget
  • A detailed look at programming principles and actionable items coaches can takeaway
  • We dive into the most commonly programmed exercises and how coaches can teach and cue them
  • Bonus material of an exercise bank and programs coaches can use with their athletes.

Many coaches are assigned the task of programming their skill work and what they do in the weight room. This course is designed to show coaches where those two meet to understand better how skill work and strength and conditioning fit together.

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