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Hacking the Kinetic Chain

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Integrated Pitching, Strength, and Mobility Training for Pitchers. 

Train with the programs we use inside Driveline Baseball.

  • INTEGRATED. Pitching, strength and mobility programs integrated around one goal: develop better pitchers.
  • INDIVIDUAL. HS vs. College vs. Pro, In-Season vs. Off-Season, Velocity-Focused vs. Command-Focused.
  • RESEARCHED. Combining the best of clinical research and our in-house testing, this integrated pitching manual outlines the philosophy and reasoning behind how we train pitchers and the frameworks we use to build programs for our athletes.
  • FLEXIBLE. With programs + philosophy + detailed instructional videos + lifetime implementation support, you have everything you need to integrate Driveline’s arm care and velocity programs with your team.
  • UPDATED CONTINUOUSLY. Lifetime updates. We update our training programs annually with the best of what we have learned in the lab.

This is a buy-once, keep-forever, living training tool.

Best Program For:

  • College and High School Varsity Coaches
  • Serious Athletes 14+


Complete Pitching Training Resource

Hacking The Kinetic Chain is the complete resource for developing high-velocity pitchers. This training manual and digital library is an integrated guide to strength development and pitching training.

Looking for the frameworks that Driveline uses to work with its athletes from high school to the pros? They are all here, laid out with straightforward progressions that you can use with your athletes.

Using 6 years of research in the Driveline Sports Science Laboratory, Kyle Boddy and Driveline Baseball have tested and re-tested their training methodologies to ensure they are effective. And it is continually updated.

A spreadsheet program is worthless without the ability to adapt it throughout the year and as your body and goals change.

A book about pitching theory and mechanics is worthless without an idea of how to improve athletes’ on-field performance.

Beyond “See This, Do That”

Developing velocity is not a simple input, simple output machine. Strength, mobility, improved mechanics and increased arm fitness all work together to build better pitchers. The integrated approach outlined in Hacking the Kinetic Chain demonstrates how all of the following work together to develop better pitchers.

  • Anatomy & Physiology – Stress Response Cycling, Mechanisms of Adaptation, Auto-Regulation, and Iteration
  • Pitching Mechanics – Develop a deep understanding of throwing movement
  • Initial Athlete Assessment – Learn to evaluate throwing athletes
  • Driveline Throwing Routine – Structured warm-up and recovery and the daily drills
  • Strength & Conditioning Routine – Integrated strength, mobility and conditioning work that complements your throwing program
  • Nutrition and Supplementation – Optimize recovery and training gains
  • Programming- Integrated strength and throwing programming based on individual needs

Pitching Programs

Over 40 programs help coaches and athletes understand how to on-ramp, develop pitching velocity, move to the mound with specific, suggested sets and reps for each phase of development for pitchers.

Hacking the Kinetic Chain Sample Programs
Some of the Program Options for High School and College Pitchers

For a coach, it is easy to find a way to develop individual training programs for athletes by training age, type of pitcher and time of year. As an athlete, you won’t be without a plan as each integrates into the others.

Programs are split out along the following dimensions:

  • In-season vs. Off-Season vs. Preparing for the Season
  • High School vs. Collegiate vs. Professional
  • Has On-Ramped to a Throwing Program vs. No Previous Experience
  • Starter vs. Reliever

The companion book guides coaches and athletes on how to modify workouts for specific mechanical or mobility issues.

Strength and Mobility

Training stress comes in many forms, whether that is high-output throwing or lifting (to say nothing of not sleeping). Too often baseball player development is siloed: one guy wrote your lifting program, another guy writes your throwing program and you try to get mobility work when you can.

Programs that do not have strength and mobility integrated into the skill work risk being ineffective, either because the volume is structured to never give pitchers’ time to recover or because one side, pitching or strength, is written without consideration for the other.

Hacking the Kinetic Chain Strength Program Sample
Sample of One Day of an In-Season Lifting Program with Built-In Deload Weeks

Hacking the Kinetic Chain programming takes into account both sides of the pitching development equation and places them on the equal footing that they deserve.

Video Library

The constraint drills inside Hacking the Kinetic Chain are good for isolating and developing important fundamentals of the delivery: controlling the direction of elbow extension, a good arm action, bracing the lead leg, and good hip-shoulder separation.

A Detailed Roll-In Video

The video library inside of Hacking the Kinetic Chain is built with in-depth explanations to keep the drills as simple as possible but no simpler.

Using these videos, coaches and players can compare themselves against elite players to check technique and spot areas of improvement.

Coaches can evaluate progress over time with the same tracking sheets we use.
Coaches can evaluate progress over time with the same tracking sheets we use.

Continuously Updated

Because this program and product represent the work we do inside Driveline, we continuously update Hacking the Kinetic Chain. Purchasers of the programs receive lifetime upgrades of the program. When we learn something, it can be directly applied to your training.

The Package Includes:

  • Hacking the Kinetic Chain, hard copy
  • Hacking the Kinetic Chain, electronic copy
  • Companion Workout Guide and Video Library

NOTE: Hacking The Kinetic Chain is a downloadable and physical product. Your physical product will be shipped. And you will get access to the electronic material immediately via email. 

*Hacking the Kinetic Chain: Advanced Pitching is a non-refundable product*

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