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Team Hitting Kit

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The Hitting Kit contains all the essentials your team needs to start getting the most out of our Free 6 Week Hitting Program. Save 10% when you buy this bundle instead of all products individually.

Hitting Kit includes:

Optional add-ons for the team kit include: Speed Trainers, Blast Motion Sensors, TRAQ, and Certifications in Foundations of Hitting.

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  • Driveline Hitting PlyoCare® Balls

    Team Set (12 sets of 4)
  • Driveline Mini Hitting Plyo Balls ®

    5 Sets of 6 (30)
  • Driveline Long Training Bat × 2

    In stock

  • Driveline Short Training Bat × 2

    In stock

  • Driveline Bat Speed Trainers

  • Blast Motion Bat Sensor

  • TRAQ Demo for Teams

  • Foundations of Hitting

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Improve Bat Speed, Bat-to-Ball Skills, and Swing Decisions with the Driveline Hitting Kit

Everything your team needs to follow our free programming and become better hitters.

Use this kit to test skills in week 1, build skills in week 2-5, retest in week 6, and blend to be ready for competition in weeks 7 and 8 during off-season. Maintain Skills and Speed Maintenance in-season 8 weeks at a time.

Additional information

Driveline Hitting PlyoCare® Balls

Weight 311 oz

Team Set (12 sets of 4)

Driveline Mini Hitting Plyo Balls ®

Weight 48 oz

5 Sets of 6 (30)

Driveline Long Training Bat

Weight 44.8 oz

Driveline Short Training Bat

Weight 35.2 oz

Driveline Bat Speed Trainers

Weight N/A

Speed Trainer Set


32", 33", 34"

Blast Motion Bat Sensor

Weight 5.6 oz

Foundations of Hitting



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