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Driveline Hitting PlyoCare® Balls

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Hit the Ball Harder

One of our most effective training tools, Hitting PlyoCare® Balls are a must-have for any hitter seeking to increase his/her exit velocity

  • INCREASE EXIT VELOCITY – Plyo Balls ® teach hitters how to properly “square-up” a ball. Learn how to square-up a Hitting PlyoCare® Ball, and watch your exit velocities climb when you hit baseballs 
  • IMPROVE BARREL CONTROL – Because of their construction, Hitting PlyoCare® Balls provide instant feedback on contact quality. Mishit a Plyo Ball ®, and you’ll immediately know as it flutters off your bat 
  • DURABILITY – The made-to-last PVC shell is designed and built for Hitting PlyoCare® Balls to be hit every day
  • Get your FREE DRIVELINE Hitting PlyoCare® Balls PROGRAM

Full set of Hitting PlyoCareBalls includes:

  • Navy Blue: 350g
  • Royal Blue: 300g
  • Sky Blue: 250g
  • White: 200g

Recommended age: 10+


Develop a Better Swing 

Driveline Hitting PlyoCare® Balls help athletes evaluate their swing path and give instant feedback on the quality of their contact. The slight overload of the balls increases the level of difficulty for athletes to produce an efficient ball-bat collision.

How to Use Hitting PlyoCare® Balls?

Hitting PlyoCare® Balls can be integrated directly into daily hitting drill work. We recommend starting with tee and front toss, then progressing to firm overhand toss.

Off-Set Front Toss: A Hitting Drill Example

We use both Hitting PlyoCare® Balls and baseballs for this and many other drills inside the facility. With Hitting PlyoCare® Balls, hitters will generally progress from tee work ➡ underhand front toss ➡ overhand toss. The variation of the incoming trajectory, speed, and different ball weights makes for a challenging/adaptive training environment. This type of environment accelerates mechanical improvements and reinforces existing positive movement patterns.

What Does a Mishit Look Like?

First swing is a mishit, second swing is on plane.

Mishit Hitting PlyoCare® Ball vs. Mishit Baseball

How Do They Work?

Drill work with Hitting PlyoCare® Balls reinforces 3 critical aspects of the swing:

  1. Being on plane – Choppy or too-steep swings will result in very poor contact.
  2. Being precise with the barrel – Even on-plane swings that do not hit the right part of the ball will generate bad contact.
  3. Strong point of contact – Hitters who do not deliver the barrel with force get physical feedback on their strength at point of contact.

See Them in Action

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Weight 311 oz

Athlete Set (3 sets of 4), Team Set (12 sets of 4)