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Foundations of Hitting

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Foundations of Hitting

This course contains 30 videos teaching our fundamentals of training and programming hitters. Learn the framework of the hitting sequence, the basics of our drill work, how to design practices, and year-round programming templates with adjustments. Our courses are the result of continually tested and retested methology.

  • Learn the framework that Driveline uses to examine hitting mechanics, based on years of data collected from hitting technologies
  • Learn the ins and outs of drill work and when to apply different drills
  • Learn how to apply programming based on an assessment and how to program hitters throughout a year

Coaches are constantly needing to problem solve with their players in order to improve their performance. With recent changes in the game, along with improvements in technology, player development has become a large focus. Not only are coaches looking for players to develop, but players are actively looking for the best coaches to help them do so.

In today’s day and age, there is more information than ever—more drills and different types of video breakdowns and preferred mechanics, on top of changes in scouting driven by technological advances. Coaches today don’t need more drills—they need to know when and how to apply them.

This course will teach you the basics of the system that Driveline Baseball uses to train hitters. Not only do we cover the dos and dont’s of all our drills and programming, but we also show you how to think about mechanics and making mechanical changes. We teach you how to problem solve and think like a Driveline trainer, using the same course that we use internally.

Course Details

Driveline’s Foundations of Hitting course is entirely online and self-paced.

No coach is considered certified until they have completed the final quiz of the course.

Each video is followed by a short quiz. Coaches must score 80% or higher to move on to the next section.

Upon completion of the course, coaches will be considered certified. We do not give permission to individuals or programs to represent themselves as “Driveline”, but instructors may represent themselves as “Driveline-certified” or a variant that is appropriate.

Coaches who pass will not be listed as certified on Driveline’s website, but we may confirm completion upon request.

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