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Durable and Comfortable.

Designed specifically for baseball players.

  • -Flexible and balanced to comfortably fit the wrist.
  • -Sold as a set. 5kg set is two (2) 5kg weights. 
  • -Durable stitching allows these weights to withstand ballistic throws. 
  • -Leather material is easy to clean.


Why Wrist Weights for Baseball Players?

Wrist weights work in two different ways to help improve performance and arm fitness:

  • Increasing the strength and endurance of the forearm muscles
  • Improving mechanics

By doing specific wrist weight work, you can train the muscles in the lower arm. The muscles in the lower arm attach to the elbow and are responsible for helping to keep the elbow joint stable. Wrist weights train the lower arm muscles in a sport-specific manner for maximum carryover to the pitching delivery.

Can Wrist Weights Help Improve Your Mechanics?

When done properly, wrist weight work helps to smooth out the arm acceleration phase of the pitching delivery and to reduce the chance that the lower arm “casts” away from the upper arm. This reduces stress and decreases the chance of elbow dislocation as well.

Wrist Weight Features

-Driveline leather wrist weights are sold as a set of 2.

-Double-stitched for extra durability.

-Pockets are filled with specific iron granules to promote comfort when worn and thrown.

-Extra-long strap affixes twice to the weight so it is secure during throwing training exercises.

Why Choose a Leather Wrist Weight?

Since beginning to train with wrist weights in 2010, we have shredded countless pairs of fabric wrist weights. Because we value the tool so much in building up arm strength and improving mechanics, at Driveline, broken wrist weights were just the cost of doing business.

Broken Fabric Wrist Weight
A common but sad sight, another wrist weight bites the dust

Eventually, we would end up duct-taping these sets to extend their lives.

This leather wrist weight set is born from a desire to serve baseball players better with quality equipment that will last longer than half a season.

Wrist Weight Program Included

At purchase, you will receive an email with a get-started program on how to integrate wrist weight drills into your throwing program along with a 4-drill cheat sheet that shows our most favorite wrist weight warm-up exercises.

8-Week Program Preview

Wrist weights are best integrated into a pitching program as a dynamic warm-up.

While raw strength is important to protect strength, so too is ensuring that the muscles of the arm fire with sufficient strength and in the right sequence to reduce the load on ligaments during the throwing motion.

Wrist Weight Drills

The 4 drills in our series help an athlete understand how to pronate safely (avoiding either “forced” pronation or lack of pronation), strengthen the rotator cuff, and reinforce a consistent arm action.

Comes with the Driveline Warranty

We provide 365 days of coverage from the date of your purchase on all products we manufacture. See details Driveline Warranty Details.


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