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Edgertronic Baseball Development Camera Kit

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Pitch Design, Biomechanical Analysis and More!

  • HIGH-SPEED, HI-RES: Shoots 500 frames per second at highest resolution and up to 17,000+ frames per second.
  • CUSTOM BUILT: Portable solution for baseball-specific use. Pitch design, release point work, practice or game film, or biomechanics breakdowns.
  • SPORT-SPECIFIC SUPPORT: Video solutions from baseball guys for baseball guys. A year of support with installation and troubleshooting. We can help you get the most out of your investment.

Shipping Notice: These kits are custom-built. Expect 2-4 weeks for delivery.

The Edgertronic is only compatible with the given 12V Power supply.


The Best Baseball Video Solution on the Market

Why invest in an Edgertronic setup?

One key to developing baseball players is to map their innate “feel” to objective data. You can use high-speed video to get an understanding of what an athlete is feeling when they throw their slider.

This removes the subjectivity from the training process.

What does it look like in use? 

The gold-standard for developing a new pitch used to be a good catch partner and “working it out” down the line. With the Edgertronic, you can get much closer to custom-building pitches from scratch.

With the Edgertronic, you have a portable solution for capturing high-speed footage on aspects of the game that were previously beyond the reach of modern technology:

  • What is the pitcher’s hand doing at release?
  • What are the batter’s hands doing at the point of contact?

Armed with that data (and more), you can:

  • Make your practice time more efficient.
  • Customize your drill work to your players.
  • Understand what drives your players’ performance at a much deeper level.

Why Buy From Driveline? Baseball-Specific Support.

Edgertronic cameras are not like your standard Canon DSLR. To operate, they require some technical skills.

We are the only company who has built out the expertise to use these cameras–and we are Sanstreak’s baseball-specific support organization.

We can help your team integrate these cameras into your practice and player development plan.

This kit also includes a rigorously tested external power supply and custom-configured wireless adapter/router for your use right out of the box – no wires running to your computer AND our set up is tablet friendly. We aren’t simply selling a camera and shipping it – we give you all the tools and custom documentation you need to hit the ground running from day one, all with 365 days of email support.

Kit Includes

  • SC1 Camera (Monochrome, not color – requires 25% less light in outdoor settings and provides sharper detail)
  • 16GB Onboard Flash Memory
  • 64GB SDXC Memory Card formatted for the camera
  • 12V 2.5A Power Supply
  • Custom Pelican Case
  • 50mm f1.8 D Series Nikon lens
  • External battery pack, about 2-5 hours of runtime
  • Custom-configured wireless adapter/router
  • Wired trigger
  • Miscellaneous cables
  • Heavy-duty 60″ adjustable tripod

Available for shipment within the United States and Canada only. For any shipping requests outside of the United States or Canada, please contact Edgertronic directly. Thank you.

Edgertronic in the News

Adam Ottavino spent the 2017 offseason rebuilding himself at Driveline and in a rented New York building, using the Edgertronic and Rapsodo.

Technical Specifications

Color / Monochrome Monochrome
Lens mount ring color Black
Video memory 16 GB
Exposure 1/10 to 1/250,000 sec
ISO range [1] 6,400 to 102,400
Supported resolutions 192 x 96 to

1280 x 1024

Maximum Frame Rate @ Minimum Resolution 17,791 fps @ 192 x 96

22,336 fps @ 192 x 96[2]

Maximum Frame Rate @ Maximum Resolution 494 fps @ 1280 x 1024

621 fps @ 1280 x 1024[2]

Maximum Frame Rate @ 1280 x 720 701 fps

882 fps[2]

Maximum Frame Rate @ 1280 x 128 3,855 fps

4,846 fps[2]

Maximum Frame Rate @ 640 x 480 1,849 fps

2,324 fps[2]

Maximum Frame Rate @ 320 x 240 5,712 fps

7,181 fps[2]

IR Blocking Filter [4] Optional
Enhanced dynamic range 5 settings
Subsampling Yes
Overclock 5 settings

0% to around 40%

CMOS sensor active area 17.92 x 14.34 mm

Additional information

Weight 320 oz


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