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Basics of Bat Sensors

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Get a taste of Driveline Plus by purchasing the Basics of Bat Sensor mini-course. This course covers the following:

  • ASSESS – What is the most effective way to assess your players with a bat sensor?
  • UNDERSTAND – Learn about the different Blast metrics – what do they mean, how do we interpret them, and what do they look like in different swings
  • APPLY – Learn how to apply this data with your players and take your team to the next level!

Basics of Bat Sensors goes in-depth on how you can get the most of a bat sensor. We show what we’ve learned from internal studies as well as break down key metrics from Blast Motion.


Basics of Bat Sensors is a 12 lesson course covering the ins and outs of how we maximize bat sensors. In this course you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of metrics taken from Blast, using data and examples from our high school, college, and professional hitters
  • Comprehend the strengths and weaknesses of different metrics and what they tell you about how a hitter moves
  • Understand how plate location and depth of contact affects these metrics
  • Build up a unique skillset, and apply this knowledge to develop your hitters and create effective practice plans
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