Jaeger Sports Resistance Bands – J-Bands


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-Padded wrist cuff for easy movement through the arm’s range of motion.

-Great for warm-up and recovery.

-Metal clip for easy attachment and anchoring

-Improve the fitness of arm muscles


The Jaeger Sports J-Bands: A mandatory tool for any baseball player who wants their arm to be a strength, rather than a liability.

The Take-Anywhere Warm-up and Recovery Tool

Band work is critical to promote blood flow to your shoulders and arm both before and after throwing. Executing band exercises, alone or in combination with other techniques, builds strength throughout your throwing arm.

This rotator cuff exercise program is the key to preventing arm injuries while promoting arm health, strength, endurance and recovery period.

   J-Band Exercise Manual

   J-Band – Exercise Sheet

To maximize the life of the J-Band, store it in a safe place after the workout. Keeping it out of the sun and away from your cleats (when not in use) will help maximize the longevity and safety of the J-Band. 

J-bands have a year-long warranty, if properly handled.


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Weight 15 oz

Adult 14+, Youth 9-13