Driveline Hitting + Arm Care Team Package


Save over $300 by ordering the kit!

-All the equipment needed to start training hitting efficiently 

-2 sets of Axe Bat Speed Trainers

-24 sets of PlyoCare balls for everyday hitting training.

-12 sets of 1000g/450g PlyoCare balls

-6 sets of 225g/150g/100g PlyoCare balls

-6 6/7oz leather weighted baseballs

-4 pairs of 5kg wrist weights

-2 Driveline Recovery Mini-Trampolines

-Recommended age: 14 +




Equipment For Your Team to Efficiently Train for Hitting.


Driveline Team Axe Bat Speed System has all the equipment you need to get started. Your kit comes with 12 sets of hitting PlyoCare balls for everyday training, and 2 sets of Axe Bat Speed Trainers.

Axe Bat Speed Trainers, Powered By Driveline Baseball

-4 20% OVERLOAD BATS. 2 handle-loaded, 2 end-loaded


-AXE HANDLE for more bat speed and barrel control, reduced risk of hand/nerve injuries

-DURABLE one-piece alloy and composite constructions featuring reinforced barrels engineered for strength and durability

-INCREASE BAT SPEED with Driveline Baseball’s proven training programs to use year round for improving bat speed, barrel control and power.

Driveline Hitting Plyocare Balls (24 sets)

Full set of PlyoCare balls includes:

Navy Blue: 350g

Royal Blue: 300g

Sky Blue: 250g

White: 200g

-Improve barrel control and stay strong through point of contact

-Inflation allows for immediate feedback on quality of contact

-Durable PVC shell designed built to be used every day

-4 different weights create a different stimulus at impact


Leather Weighted Baseball Set – 6 sets

-Two different balls (6 oz, 7 oz)
-Underload and overload training for maximum effectiveness
-Flat seams and natural leather maintain the same feel of a game ball during training
-Brightly colored seams and markings for easy identification
-Highly durable
-Premium stitching with leather covers

Driveline PlyoCare Balls 
Green: 1000g (12)
Blue: 450g (12)
Red: 225g (6)
Yellow: 150g  (6)
Gray: 100g (6)

Leather Wrist Weights – 4 5kg sets

  • -Flexible and balanced to comfortably fit the wrist.
  • -Sold as a set. 5kg set is two (2) 5kg weights. 
  • -Durable stitching allows these weights to withstand ballistic throws. 
  • -Treated leather material is easy to clean.


Mini-Trampoline – 2

  • -Easy-to-transport miniature trampoline for recovery work.

Recommended age: 14+



Additional information

Weight 214 lbs
Size of Bats

2 – 32", 2 – 33", 2 – 34", 1 each – 33"/34", 1 each – 32"/33", 1 each – 32"/34"