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Hacking the Kinetic Chain – Youth Athlete Kit (Ages 9-14)

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Hacking The Kinetic Chain – Youth is a year-round plan for developing youth pitchers. It includes:

  • -A year-round training plan for guiding young baseball players towards successful high school and college careers.
  • -The same training templates we use to develop durable young pitchers.
  • -A comprehensive video library of Driveline drills.
  • -1 set of Youth PlyoCare balls
  • -1 set of 2.5kg Leather Wrist Weights
  • -1 Junior Jaeger Band

Hacking the Kinetic Chain – Youth follows a simple framework for developing youth baseball players:

  • 1. Learn good throwing movements.
  • 2. Learn good warm-up and recovery habits.
  • 3. Have fun.

Lifetime updates: twice per year, we update our training programs with the best of what we have learned in our lab. This is a buy-once, keep-forever, living training tool.

Best Program For:

  • Youth pitchers and coaches

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Product Description

Hacking The Kinetic Chain – Youth is a complete training plan for developing youth pitchers. Combining the best of research science and in-house validation and testing of training methods, Kyle Boddy and Driveline Baseball have tested and re-tested this training to ensure they are effective.


Hacking the Kinetic Chain – Youth is a simple, year-round program for developing a young pitcher. But it also provides a comprehensive outline of why we recommend what we do.


Developing young pitchers is not a simple input, simple output machine. The integrated approach outlined in Hacking the Kinetic Chain – Youth demonstrates how all of the following work together to develop better pitchers and outlines a clear plan.

  • -Improving throwing mechanics
  • -Improving general strength
  • -Simple warm-up and recovery habits
  • -Basic mobility


The Package Includes:

  • -Hacking the Kinetic Chain – Youth, hard copy
  • -Hacking the Kinetic Chain – Youth, electronic copy
  • -Companion Workout Guide and Video Library
  • -1 set of Youth PlyoCare balls
  • -1 set of 2.5kg Leather Wrist Weights
  • -1 set of Junior Jaeger Bands

Hacking The Kinetic Chain – Youth comes backed by our 90-day guarantee. If you don’t use and love the information, return the book no questions asked.

NOTE: Hacking The Kinetic Chain is a downloadable and physical product. Your training guide will be shipped. You will get access to the training programs and videos immediately through your Driveline account. 

Additional Information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 6 in


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