Online Hitting Program

From: $49.00 / month

Structured, Individualized Hitting Programming

-INDIVIDUALIZED. Custom training and tracking software designed around what limits you as an athlete.

-ANALYSIS. Video analysis by our trainers to find flaws and ensure we are making progress to correct them.

-COMMUNICATION. Built in chat to provide real-time help and hold you accountable.

*Axe Bat Speed Trainers Are Needed*


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Why Driveline Online Hitting

We know that a lot of hitters want to train with us but simply can’t move up to Washington to train in our gym, and one thing we’ve learned over the years is that every athlete is different.

Their swing flaws are unique, their areas for improvement are their own, and every athlete in our gym has a personalized training program. Driveline wasn’t willing to offer an online hitting program that didn’t offer the same amount of individuality, so we built our own app.

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Custom Software

With the software, we’re able to chat with the athlete. We can analyze video, and provide feedback. We can then prescribe drills for the hitter, all while tracking progress.

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Same Tools, Same Training

You’ll be using the same tools that we’ve used in the gym that have gotten results.  The core of the program will be the use of overload and underload training, using the bats included in the Axe Bat Speed System and the goal of the system is to improve bat speed and movement quality/swing mechanics.

Axe Bat Speed Trainers Powered by Driveline Baseball

Here’s what you get.

  • -A Custom, Individualized, Day to Day Program From Warm Up to Drill Work To Recovery Work
  • -Video Analysis To Better Understand You As a Hitter and What You Need To Work On.
    -A Constant Line of Communication With Your Trainer

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Axe Bat Speed Trainers Needed

I already have a set of Speed Trainers, I need a 32" set, I need a 33" set, I need a 34" set