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Driveline Baseball Review – College Summer Training Results 2017

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This summer we saw 250+ pitchers in our gym from May to September. Of those, we have 152 pitchers to compare pre- and post-bullpen velocity and Motus sleeve data to see the effects of weighted-ball training.

The first day athletes were in the facility they were asked to throw five fastballs off a mound to get baseline measurements. We have since been able to compare those five fastballs to the five fastest fastballs in a pitcher’s last bullpen session in the facility.

Every pitcher was screened for movement and performance markers during their second day in the facility. They then had personal meetings with our trainers to review what their goals were for their time at Driveline.

Here is the on-board bullpen data compared to the last bullpen an athlete threw in the facility.

This list includes athletes who had their last bullpens in the gym from June 1 through September 1.  The first few athletes included had started training before the beginning of June but had their last bullpen in the middle of June. If an athlete threw multiple bullpens, we used the data from the last bullpen they threw in the facility.

We saw velocity increase as well as elbow stress but, in a way, mStress decreased slightly. Essentially, velocity and elbow stress (or torque) increased proportionally. We saw an overall decrease in arm speed and arm slot, while shoulder rotation increased. If you are looking for more of an explanation, we’ve gone into detail on the Motus Sleeve’s metrics in an earlier post.

Here is the bullpen data broken down by length of stay.

Below are the individual mound improvements of all 152 athletes.

We can also see what the relationship was between a pitcher’s peak pulldown velocity and their peak mound velocity.

Below is this years pulldown and mound data compared to last year.

You can find the 2016 summer review and data here.

The 2017 summer data can be found here.

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  1. Thor -

    Would be great to see the Individual Mound Improvements grouped into say three pie charts based on Under 2, 2-4mph and Over 4mph and those pies then split up based on onboard bullpen velocity ranges. I would think there must be not only a coorelation to length of stay in improvement but also that lower onboard velocity pitcher are most likely to see the most opportunity for improvement?

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