The 90+ MPH Fastball Equipment – Products Used in the MaxVelo Program

We’ve put up a ton of videos on our YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Google+ pages, and we often get a lot of questions about how we use the equipment and what stuff we’re using to get the great results we’ve had this off-season. In fact, just today we had a professional pitcher who has completed rehab swing by the place after we met at the Santa Clarita ThrowZone seminar, and after just an hour of working together, his fastball was popping new highs! He was normally good for 90-92 MPH occasionally bringing 93, and he was living at 93-94 popping 95 after some mechanical tweaks and velocity development work!

Stories like that really get us excited, because we know our training works for all pitchers – amateur and professional alike.

So, without further ado, here’s some of the equipment we use when we’re developing arm strength, fastball velocity, and better durability of our pitchers. A more thorough explanation of all the tools will have to wait until we release our velocity development book!

90+ MPH Equipment

90+ MPH Equipment (click for larger image)

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  • Oates’ Shoulder Tubes – Perfect for rhythmic stabilization, warm-ups, and cool-downs. 
  • Elite Weighted Baseballs – A must-have for modulating intensity in a velocity-specific development throwing program.
  • Sand-Filled Extreme Duty Weighted Balls – Awesome for indoor throwing, rebounders, throw-behinds, and plyometric training.
  • Connection Ball – Helps to keep the throwing arm connected in the delivery and prevents casting and early launch of the arm.
  • JUGS Pro Sport / Stalker Radar Gun – Without a radar gun, you can’t measure progress – without measuring progress, you can’t be sure you’re getting better. (The new Pro Sport models of the Stalker and JUGS guns are both made by the same company. They are identical in performance!)
  • Driveline Velocity Resistance Band Set – Used for warming-up, corrective exercise, and shoulder strength.
  • Wrist Weights – Vital for training pronation, late launch, long axis of rotation, and other important mechanical concepts. Amazing for developing pronator-flexor and posterior shoulder strength. Probably the single most important item in our velocity-development program.
  • Foam Rollers – Great for self-myofascial release, corrective exercise, and warming up.
  • Medicine Balls – Important for developing rotational power and speed-strength.
  • Trampoline / Rebounder – A great way to develop eccentric strength by bouncing pliable medicine balls and sand-filled balls off them and catching them without allowing the arm to travel much.

There’s certainly more products we use on a regular basis – like high-speed cameras and biomechanics software – but that’s a good introduction into what a real velocity development program is going to have available.

Interested in getting access to all this equipment and a high-energy place to train? Check out our MaxVelo program – Washington’s only real velocity development program!


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