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Getting to 95 MPH – Advanced Velocity Development

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With the season underway, our guys are getting a lot of rest and not stressing their arms very much. They limit their long toss to 120 feet, and they don’t touch weighted baseballs too much.

Just kidding, of course. All of our MaxVelo clients get a throwing program that recommends a minimum of four long toss / high-intensity throwing days in-between appearances on the mound. Rest is atrophy.

Here’s some fun video we shot the other day of a few guys, including one who I’m going to start calling “95 MPH or Bust” – Julian, a 2014 grad at Peninsula HS. He’s sitting 90-91 off a mound now, and his underload throws are… well, take a look:

And here’s a quick view of the step-behind advanced velocity development throws from another angle, including 2014 grad (Decatur HS) Chris Carns, who sits 86-87 off a mound. His goal is to be 89-90 by summer ball.

If you don’t train hard in-season, you are going to lose all of the off-season work you put in.

If you are interested in adding some weighted baseball training into your programming, pick up a set of Elite Weighted Baseballs and download our free Weighted Baseball Training eBook.

Elite Weighted Baseball Set
Elite Weighted Baseball Set

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