(This is the first in a series of posts detailing the Velocity Development Program at Driveline Baseball.)

Velocity. All pitchers want more of it and are willing to buy all sorts of things to get it – books, pitching lessons, gadgets, and even these clearly stupid “titanium energy” bracelets:

Don't buy this.

Don't buy this.

All of this reminds me of a quote said by an excellent trainer that I keep coming back to:

“I said it was simple. Not easy.”
-Dan John

What pitchers need to do to improve their velocity is to simple: Train harder than anyone they know. No, it’s not easy, but true to form, it is simple!

At Driveline Baseball, our pitchers going through our Semi-Private Training groups have spent the last few months training in the weight room, throwing indoors occasionally, and training for general strength, speed, and power. However, the intensity is picking up and they’re starting the first major phase of the Velocity Development Program.

The Velocity Development Program can be broken up into a few different categories:

  • Throwing
  • Strength and Power
  • Speed and Agility
  • Mobility and Flexibility
  • Pitching

It’s important not to confuse Throwing and Pitching – throwing is NOT pitching! Pitchers must learn to throw first and pitch second; indeed, this cycle of learning will continue every off-season! Pitchers should go into the off-season with the intent of primarily improving their throwing-related ability and then transferring that ability to the mound.

Take a look in our Velocity Development Kit to read more about the throwing-related portion of the Velocity Development Program

Velocity Development Kit

Velocity Development Kit

What’s in the kit?

Velocity Development Kit - Open

Velocity Development Kit - Open

  • Frozen Ropes’ 32 oz (2 lb) weighted baseball (link)
  • A set of under/overload baseballs (link)
  • 3 lb. pliable medicine balls (link)
  • Blue (heavy) SPRI resistance band (link)
  • 10 lb. wrist weights (link – be sure to get the 20 lb. combined weight set)
  • A few real leather baseballs

But How Do You Use Those Tools?

I outlined a sample under/overload baseball training protocol a few months ago, and I’ve spent the last few weeks taking lots of video of our athletes (and myself) demonstrating many of the drills we do at Driveline Baseball in our Velocity Development Program. While we’re not going to give the program away (you’ll have to train with us to get the full program), we’re excited to show off how hard our guys work and give some pointers out for those who seriously want to start bringing it 5-7 MPH harder this year!

Underweight Throwing

Heavy Baseball (2 lb) Partial Throws

Pliable Medicine Ball Throws

Medicine Ball Throws

Wrist Weight Warmups

For more videos, check out our YouTube Channel.

Hope you guys enjoy a little peek into what we’re doing at Driveline Baseball – and if you’re interested in training hard to add 5-7 MPH on your fastball, schedule a free workout/evaluation with us by getting in touch with us!