3009, 2015

Free Interval Throwing Program / Return to Throwing Program for Pitchers

Most interval throwing programs out there are very conservative and don’t have enough intensity in them at the end periods to adequately build up to throwing flat grounds and bullpens with all your pitches. Furthermore, there’s […]

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2309, 2015

Weighted Baseballs vs. PlyoCare Balls – What’s the Difference?

We get this question a lot – what the heck is the difference between PlyoCare Balls and Elite Weighted Baseballs? Is there a difference? In fact, they are pretty substantially different.
PlyoCare Balls

The soft-covered PlyoCare balls are […]

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409, 2015

Uncommitted to Drafted: Christian Meister’s Year at Driveline

In the 2015 MLB Draft, Christian Meister was drafted in the 29th round out of “No School.” He was signed because he showcased good velocity with command despite graduating from a junior college and not having […]

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508, 2015

How to Make a Baseball Recruiting Video Coaches Will Actually Watch

There is only one way to make a recruiting video for baseball pitchers: give recruiters and pitching coaches all the information they need to make a decision in that video.

Josh Fitch Recruiting Video

What is the goal […]

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2407, 2015

Lower Half Pitching Mechanics: Data-Driven Analysis

The role of the lower half when it comes to the pitching delivery is open to interpretation by many coaches out there, which often serves to confuse the individual athlete. We’ve recently started a long-range analytical project using […]

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1806, 2015

Is Forearm Pronation the Key to Avoiding Tommy John Surgery?

If you spend enough time in the world of baseball pitching, you will probably hear from someone that actively pronating the forearm is imperative to protecting the pitching elbow. A reason often given is that […]

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1206, 2015

Why You Weren’t Drafted or Recruited

On Twitter yesterday, I said:

With the 2015 MLB Rule 4 draft over and in the books, I’ve heard from a variety of people saying they are better than people that were drafted and how it’s not fair, […]

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406, 2015

Can Imaginary Exercise Make a Pitcher Better?

I won’t bury the lead. The answer is yes, it is highly likely that imaginary exercise can make a pitcher better.

In the early 90s, several researchers set out to test the efficacy of pure imaginary […]

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2705, 2015

Explaining the Elbow Spiral in the Pitching Delivery

Hayden Grove conducted a great interview with Trevor Bauer of the Cleveland Indians discussing pitching mechanics at a very in-depth level. I have to give Hayden some props; most beat writers wouldn’t dare to try to […]

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2904, 2015

Why Sir Isaac Newton is Still the Foremost Expert in Pitching Biomechanics

This post was written by Dr. James Buffi.

Most people have heard of Sir Isaac Newton and his famous laws of motion. Most have not heard that he was an expert in modern pitching biomechanics.

So let’s […]

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2004, 2015

Why Overuse May Not Be Baseball’s Problem

This post was written by Dr. James Buffi.

‘Overuse’ is being blamed for the eruption of Tommy John surgeries among baseball pitchers. Consequently, people in baseball have become hyper-focused on preventing overuse of the pitching arm. […]

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3103, 2015

Rehabilitating Tommy John Surgeries – Non-Standard Cases

Most cases of ulnar collateral ligament replacement (UCLr, or “Tommy John” surgery) follow a fairly standard throwing program and rehabilitation program. A sample throwing program once cleared to throw looks something like this:

However, not all athletes respond […]

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