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Custom-made ballistic plyometric balls used to develop arm strength

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representation is crucial to understanding how the body moves."

"Kyle’s method of digitizing the pitching delivery to create a three dimensional

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Now partners with the premier long tossing program in the nation!

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Now training youth pitchers in a group setting - twice weekly!

December 2014: Flagship Book Released – Hacking the Kinetic Chain!

Elite Pitcher Development

Driveline Baseball was founded in 2007 by Kyle Boddy to bring advanced-level pitching development to the Pacific Northwest. Since then, he has been a winning coach at the high school level, is currently consulting for several Division-I schools and two MLB teams, given multiple international conference talks, and has manufactured a best-selling line of velocity development and arm care products. Kyle’s clientele list includes 20+ professional pitchers and several high draft picks in the 2014 MLB draft.

Kyle’s niche is developing high-velocity pitchers and rehabilitating former elite professional pitchers through the use of advanced biomechanical modeling in the Driveline Sports Science Lab and cutting edge training methods not found anywhere else in the world. A former data scientist and analyst at Microsoft, Kyle’s strong technical background gives his clients exposure to deep data mining tools using a PITCHf/x database, machine learning algorithms to improve their pitchability, and finely-tuned training programs that are backed by years of research and controlled experimentation.

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Here are some of the services we offer that give us the competitive edge over a traditional pitching coach:

High-Speed Video Analysis

Filming available from multiple angles at up to 1000 frames per second. Normal video shoots at 25-30 frames per second and misses critical details that will help unlock performance.

Professional Network

We partner and consult with expert physical therapists, manual therapists, and massage therapists in the area to provide solid referrals to professionals who know our business and clientele.

In-House Research

In-house closed research projects using large trials with randomly assigned groups has given us incredibly detailed data to base decisions and future planning off of. By utilizing the Driveline Biomechanics Laboratory in combination with specific training protocols, our training stays on the cutting edge through constant evaluation.

Advanced Weighted Baseball Training

Kyle Boddy developed and designed a very rigorous weighted baseball training program that was so well-received that it has been copied and used by Division-I and professional pitching coaches across the nation. By combining underload and overload training with two different types of weighted baseball sets, he blends them into a specific training protocol for all of his pitchers to increase both fastball velocity and arm durability.

State of the Art Weight Training

Through his experience as a powerlifter, Kyle has brought high-intensity weightlifting concepts to the fully-equipped Driveline Baseball weight room. Knowing which compound lifts to push hard and which accessory and assistance lifts are necessary in the ideal training program gives the Driveline Baseball clients a huge edge.

Comprehensive Nutrition Planning

All Driveline Baseball clients get a comprehensive nutrition plan that is simple to understand and stick to. Additionally, Kyle has manufactured his own line of inexpensive and high-quality supplements that are currently only available to in-house clients of Driveline Baseball.