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Some New Testimonials for Driveline Baseball

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As I work on the Velocity Development Program series of posts, here’s a pair of new testimonials that rolled in.

Here’s one from a former baseball pitcher (now field athlete – shot put, discus, and javelin) currently training with us:

I have been working with Kyle for 2 years now after he was my freshman baseball coach at Roosevelt. My hitting and my pitching mechanics improved drastically, after working with him. I have had no arm pain since working with him and before that I would have arm pain every year. Kyles techniques are based on science which makes it safe and effective.

Kyle works at a slow steady pace to make sure that you are grasping everything. He has other students working with you, which makes it a great atmosphere and the other students help you a lot.

I’m currently lifting with him to get ready for the track and field season. All Kyle asks for at the facility is to work hard and come every time. Kyle uses full body movements based on science to improve your strength and power. They are safe and they are very effective. My results since lifting with him are amazing, when I was still playing baseball my bat speed improved and I was a different player, I had taken my game to the next level.

The atmosphere at the facility is great. There are 6 people there consistently and we all work hard for our own goals. We all support each other, and there is a competitive atmosphere to get better. This makes you put as much effort as you can in each workout.

Since working with kyle I have become a different athlete and I can’t thank him enough.

Jack S – Seattle, WA – Age 16

And here’s one from a father of a youth baseball pitcher who has made huge gains in velocity and arm strength:

When my son was moving from Little League to select baseball I started looking for a pitching coach for him that was well versed in science based pitching mechanics and used video analysis. When I went to a few of the big name indoor training facilities in the area I was pretty diappointed in what I found. The instructors had significant college and/or minor league experience, but none of them had a real indepth understanding of biomechancs or athletic training science.

When I met Kyle Boddy and interviewed him, I immediately knew he was what I was looking for. I was very impressed with the breadth and depth of his knowledge of pitching from anatomical terms to a thorough understanding of the published scientific research on pitching mechanics and related injuries. Kyle’s skill set as a trainer is way beyond what you will find at most batting cage facilities.

In addition, Kyle’s fees are far more reseasonable than what are typically charged at the other facilities. Driveline Baseball’s semi-private training group package is the best training deal in town.

Joe M. – Age 41 – Shoreline, WA

Convinced yet? Join our Semi-Private Training groups while there are still spots left!

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