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Some Results from the Velocity Development Program

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I’m working on the Strength and Power post of the Velocity Development Program and it will go up on Monday morning. But I just got back from the facility tonight, and everyone had such a great workout and we had some great results from our first cycle of the Velocity Development Program that I wanted to share it on the blog.

Barbell Training

I matched my previous power clean one-rep max (1RM) today set a few months ago. This wouldn’t be that exciting except that I set that 1RM a few months ago at 40 pounds heavier than I am now! I trained through my novice progression at 260-265 pounds while training as a powerlifter, then cut to 220 pounds over the past few months. My first attempt at 205 pounds went up smoothly.

Our shot put / discus athlete, Jack, refused to be out done – so he tried. And failed. And failed. And failed. He made at least 24 separate attempts to power clean 205 pounds (he weighs 215) and then was able to get it. That’s the kind of dedication we love around here at Driveline Baseball. I stayed late at the facility for him, giving him coaching tips and killing the time by doing some more medball and mobility work. We support our athletes here 100%.

Eli, our 17-year old pitcher/shortstop that’s been training with me for years, set yet another deadlift record. He pulled two sets of three at 355 pounds – and he weighs just 165 pounds! (At least he tells me that – I think he weighs less!)

Check out his second rep of his first set here:


Batting Practice

Our 15-year old shortstop, Ted, came to us two months ago with a pretty compact swing but had trouble making solid contact. His mechanics were clean, but his approach needed to be tweaked – he was pulling off pitches and just didn’t have the bat speed and strength to find great success. After two months of hard training – including squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, medball work, and metabolic conditioning – Ted was smoking baseballs left and right in the batting cage today with both wood and metal. It was actually scary to throw batting practice to him, and it’s a testament to how hard he has been working.

Velocity Development

I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves for our younger guys:

Entry Velocities (December 2010)
-Alex M: 61 MPH (12 years old)
-Travis T: 58 MPH (13 years old)
-Ted W: 63 MPH (15 years old)

Exit Velocities (February 2011)
-Alex M: 63 MPH (+2)
-Travis T: 63 MPH (+5)
-Ted W: 71 MPH (+8)

Enough said.

In-Season Training

As the off-season finishes up, you might think you don’t have the opportunity to train hard. Not so. We have an in-season semi-private training group coming up. The low cost option gives you a chance to start your strength/power program while adding some MPH to your fastball and bat speed while not overworking yourself. Contact us for more details.

Tons of things are going right at Driveline Baseball. Come join us, train hard, and become the best baseball player you can be.

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