Indy Ball Shortstop to 100 MPH to Signed: the Spencer Mahoney Story

“It doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you’re putting in the effort.” The Road Less Traveled Can Be The Fast Lane Spencer Mahoney played four years of college ball for Valparaiso as a shortstop.  He tore a meniscus weeks before a pro tryout, went undrafted, had surgery, rehabbe...


Crow-Hop Weighted Baseball Throws for Velocity Development

One of the bigger staples of our velocity development program are maximum intent throws to a net using weighted baseballs. This is something we prominently feature on our social media accounts and it gets a ton of attention! When we uploaded this video of Casey Weathers throwing 103 MPH (later eclip...


Missed the Velocity Development Open House? Listen to the Audio!

If you missed the Velocity Development Open House for the 2013-2014 off-season, never fear, you can listen to a partial audio recording (redacted some of the colorful language as well as the in-depth analysis of our program – those are trade secrets not for public disclosure) on SoundCloud her...


Frustrations with Fastball Velocity Gains: Understanding the Long Run

We’ve had a ton of success with our MaxVelo program, which just continues to be improved and improved upon (and always will be – the only constant is change). Athletes are getting a lot out of the program, but the rate at which athletes improve is not similar. Increasing your fastball ve...