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Smart Readership of Driveline Baseball

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While I was working on the Velocity Development Program series of posts, I noticed this trend of clicks on our site:

Our Readership is Smart!

These are this morning’s outbound clicks. As you can see, the majority of them go to abstracts of studies that I’ve referenced on the site in various posts and pages. This is very common – our readership is very interested in doing their own research and learning about the biomechanics of pitching. I can’t say how great this makes me feel – the blog’s intention is not only to promote the training methods and business of Driveline Baseball, but to help educate people about pitching/throwing/hitting and providing links to resources out there.

I’m currently reading Biomechanical Analysis of Forearm Pronation and Its Relationship to Ball Movement for the Two-Seam and Four-Seam Fastball Pitches (abstract link), and it’s very interesting. The principle author/investigator has many other intriguing studies that I’ll be looking into, and she has many open studies looking for participants.

To sum it all up: Thanks for being so engaged. It’s good to know that my thousands of words on studies, research, and other esoteric stuff don’t go to waste.

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