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Summer 2014 Training Period – News and Notes

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The high school season is nearly complete, with Driveline athletes still looking to dominate at 2A (Elijah Hill – Tumwater HS), 3A (Taiki Green, Zach Lewandowski, Grant Townsend – Bonney Lake HS; Drew Rasmussen – Mt. Spokane HS), and 4A (Brendan Illies, Tyler McDowell, Lane Griffin, Jacob Hegland, Tim Reynolds – Puyallup HS) conference playoffs still underway. We wish them all the best and hope for some 1-0 games!

Summer training period is about to start on the first week of June, and we are having two all-hands / open house meetings at the NW Sports Center / Driveline Baseball complex in Puyallup, WA. These are free to attend and will be on the following dates/times:

  • Monday, June 2nd: 7 PM – 8:30 PM
  • Tuesday, June 3rd: 4 PM – 5:30 PM

We’re extremely excited to talk about the new changes to the Elite Pitchers Program as a culmination of a ton of research and experimentation we’ve carried out over the fall/winter off-season training period and finalized over the spring school ball period. Some of the changes include:

  • Expansion of our training facility downstairs – adding 5,000+ square feet to our training area
  • New PlyoCare ® drills to maximize arm durability and optimize ball release pitching mechanics
  • Serious baseline testing and evaluation – iteration is the key word here
  • A more comprehensive strength and conditioning program involving free weights
  • Unlimited use of batting cages/tunnels as well as turf fields for position player work
  • Regular visits from Division-I pitching coaches from the Pacific Northwest and all around the nation

Take a look at some teaser screenshots of our programs:

Workout Demo

We’re also proud to announce that Oregon State finished with the #1 overall seed in the NCAA Division-I baseball tournament with a combined record of 42-12 and winning the Pac-12 outright. Oregon State’s pitching also dominated, with Driveline client Ben Wetzler taking the Division-I ERA title home with a ridiculous 0.76 mark (Jace Fry would finish #15 in the country) while Oregon State as a team finished #2 in ERA and #6 in WHIP in the entire country:

Oregon State Rankings

If that’s not enough to make you want to join the Elite Pitchers Program, we’ve got a truly unique spin that no one else can offer – we are now distributing programs, videos, and research data on computer tablets that are provided for use in the facility DURING workouts:

Tablets Driveline

Yes, that’s right – we have four tablets that are connected to the Internet running Android, and every single one of them connects to the cloud and automatically downloads all new client video shot in the Driveline Sports Science lab, placing video files under specific client folders. From the tablets, videos and workouts can be sent to any email address for at-home analysis or referral to college coaches and pro scouts.

All of this is available for just one low monthly cost and includes:

  • Unlimited use of the Driveline Baseball facility
  • Unlimited use of Driveline Plyo Ball ® and Elite Weighted Baseball sets
  • Unlimited use of the weight room, turf field, batting cages, and pitching tunnels
  • Unlimited use of the tablets and video lab for in-depth analysis of your pitching mechanics and weight lifting form
  • …and so much more

We’ll be open five days per week here, and we’re expecting about 15-25 college arms training here from all over the country, including athletes from North Carolina, Texas, Colorado, California, Oregon, Hawaii, and British Columbia.

You won’t want to miss this. Request more information by emailing kyle@drivelinebaseball.com, or better yet, show up to one of the all-hands / open house meetings on Monday or Tuesday (shoot us an email if you plan on attending).

Professional Testimonials

I’ve been on the phone non-stop for the past two weeks setting up our winter training sessions for our professional athletes, which will include more than a handful of pitchers AND catchers with big league experience committed so far – and it’s only May! We’re capping our registration for pro athletes around 25-30, so if you want to sign up for the winter training sessions, please email me at kyle@drivelinebaseball.com ASAP.

Here’s what Casey Weathers had to say about our  training program after he ended up signing with the Tampa Bay Rays (read more about his comeback: The Reinvention of Casey Weathers – Restoring What Tommy John Took):

I was nervous at first to start an intensive program like Kyle’s. After 2 elbow surgeries and Chronic elbow pain, how would my arm hold up to throwing weighted balls at maximum intensity? Within two weeks all of my concerns had been alleviated. Kyle has an advanced understanding of the research that is available in the biomechanics and pitching community. It impressed me even more how incredibly driven he is to continue to learn.

Kyle’s program brought me back from a guy scared to throw because I didn’t want to agitate my arm, to throwing with full intent every day and more volume than I had since 2007 in college. I spent the majority of my career protecting my arm and not using it. It felt great to actually practice with athleticism and purpose again. I really feel like Kyle gave that back to me and more.

He went above and beyond what a pitching coach could do for a player. I can’t thank Kyle enough for breathing life back into my career. I will continue to work with Kyle because I truly believe in the benefits of the program.

While we strongly believe in our product and our services, it’s the hard work and crazy dedication of athletes like Casey that really show how successful our program can be.

Join us today. We’re always getting better, one day at a time – just like we ask our clients to do.

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