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College Training Sessions – Spots Open

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This summer’s been an absolute blast so far – with two of our HS kids being drafted (Drew Rasmussen and Gage Burland), three of our Oregon State guys being drafted (Jace Fry, Ben Wetzler, and Scott Schultz), and our facility expansion adding 5,000+ square feet, it’s been awesome.

College summer training sessions are well underway, with many college arms currently in the facility with others planning on attending after summer ball wraps up. Here’s a quick video I shot from a recent workout that shows off the serious and the lighter side of our training:

You’ll note the guy in yellow hitting 99 MPH on a pulldown – I’m afraid to say that’s underselling it, since Joe Mello of Lewis-Clark State actually hit 100.6 MPH after that!

Joe Mello - 100 MPH

If you’re interested in joining our Elite Pitcher Program for a week or two in the summer, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We’d love to have you out here.

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  1. Bill -


    Big fan and love all your stuff. Waiting on my plyocare balls to arrive as we speak. I had a question in regards how you feel about velocity development for college programs. I coach at the JUCO level in the Northeast so we are inside a lot but we do still have more than enough facility space to get work in. How do feel time is best allocated? We use a ton of your stuff but I am a big user of weighted baseballs and I always struggle with the programming and when to use them seeing as college baseball is such a rough schedule in the off-season. Obviously, we are playing in the fall, competing, intersquading, etc. Then we are inside from Nov till Winter Break which is a great time to get a lot of work in but then I have to let them go home for 4 weeks. Then by the time they get back we have a limited amount of time to before we open up so pitch counts need to creep up and any time you increase workload in that area you need do decrease it a bit in others. Would it be more beneficial to work weighted baseball training in all throughout the off-season starting day 1 or more beneficial to run a 4-5 week program similar to your e-book in Nov/Dec and one when they return from winter break. We do a ton of other things all thru the year but I don’t feel anything promotes arm speed/arm strength while also reinforcing better arm action than the weighted baseballs.

    • drivelinekyle -

      We recommend weighted baseball training all through the winter. We do offer consulting services for colleges if you are interested.

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