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Power Cage

PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack

Power Cage: This is the basic building block of strength. You need a power cage or a squat rack to safely perform the most vital exercise in all of sports – the squat. This PowerLine PPR200X model has a chin-up bar, an optional lat attachment, and a sturdy design to hold up against whatever you can throw at it. I personally own the previous model before the PPR200X and I am highly satisfied.

olympic bar

Cap Barbell 1000 Pound Solid Test Bar

Olympic Barbell: You need a solid bar for your power cage. Don’t go cheap – you want this to last a lifetime. Cap Barbell has a 1000 lb. solid test bar that is fit to put up with heavy squats, deadlifts, presses, snatches, cleans, and anything else you can throw at it. Pick it up today with free shipping from Amazon.

Apex Hollow Bar Kit

Olympic Dumbbells: This Apex Hollow Bar Kit comes with two adjustable dumbbells, an EZ-curl bar (not recommended for curls, but great for lying tricep extensions), and six sturdy clips for the bars. Pick this set up with free shipping from Amazon.


Two 45 lb. Bumper Plates

Bumper Plates: While I don’t recommend picking up iron plates online (too expensive to ship) since you’re better off buying them used locally, bumper plates aren’t easy to find around your neighborhood and should probably be bought new anyway – they take a beating! This pair of 45 lb. bumper plates are a great start for your home gym so you can do a variety of Olympic lifts and deadlifts while keeping your floor safe. If you need lighter ones to start with, check out these 25 lb. sets15 lb. sets, or even 10 lb. sets!


Perfect Pushup

Push-Up Bars: Don’t laugh – the Perfect Pushup is actually an extremely useful product that we use all the time in our strength and conditioning program! Push-up bars have been around forever, but they’ve only recently been made popular by the Perfect Pushup. This product allows you to pronate through the concentric phase of the exercise, getting extra work for your muscles that are used in the pitching delivery. They also double as great gymnastic bars so you can perform L-sit raises and static holds to build isometric strength and balance. Ships free from Amazon!