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Why Sir Isaac Newton is Still the Foremost Expert in Pitching Biomechanics

This post was written by Dr. James Buffi.

Most people have heard of Sir Isaac Newton and his famous laws of motion. Most have not heard that he was an expert in modern pitching biomechanics.

So let’s talk about how Newton’s most famous law relates to pitching.

Newton’s most famous law of motion is probably F = ma. […]

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Why Overuse May Not Be Baseball’s Problem

This post was written by Dr. James Buffi.

‘Overuse’ is being blamed for the eruption of Tommy John surgeries among baseball pitchers. Consequently, people in baseball have become hyper-focused on preventing overuse of the pitching arm. This has led to pitch counts, inning limits, and training guidelines that are more restrictive than ever before.

And yet ulnar […]

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Rehabilitating Tommy John Surgeries – Non-Standard Cases

Most cases of ulnar collateral ligament replacement (UCLr, or “Tommy John” surgery) follow a fairly standard throwing program and rehabilitation program. A sample throwing program once cleared to throw looks something like this:

However, not all athletes respond to such a conservative program. It is also our opinion that touching a baseball should show up significantly later in […]

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How Muscles Work and Protect a Pitcher’s Elbow

Let’s talk about muscles. Muscles are the motors of the body. They are the components that generate movement. They can also absorb dangerous forces to protect more vulnerable tissues, like ligaments, and this is especially important for baseball pitchers.

Before I dive in, if you missed part one or two of the three part introduction to […]

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Driveline Seminar List for Early 2015

After the release of Hacking The Kinetic Chain and an awesome time at ABCA, Driveline Baseball is hitting the road in 2015. Kyle will be giving talks about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to pitching mechanics and pitching training and lots of hands-on training with high doses of highly effective drills.

If you are on […]

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A More Forward Approach to Understanding Pitching Biomechanics

This is part two of three of the initial guest posts by Dr. James Buffi. Part one was titled Challenges with Typical Biomechanical Analyses of Pitching.

It is impossible to figure out if a specific player scored a run in a baseball game just by looking at the final box score. This is essentially what typical biomechanical […]

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Challenges with Typical Biomechanical Analyses of Pitching

This is a guest post from Dr. James H. Buffi, Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering.

It is impossible to overstate how excited I am to have Dr. Buffi contribute to our blog in what will be the first article in a three-part series on the biomechanics of pitching. In 2014, Dr. Buffi had a paper published title Computing Muscle, […]

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Rotational Lateral Bounds – Improve pelvic loading to build elite velocity

The lateral bound, also called the lateral skater jump or lateral heiden (named after former Olympic speed skater Eric Heiden) is a fantastic frontal plane lower body exercise. It gets athletes out of constantly training in the sagittal plane, and has shown a high correlation to ball velocity when compared to other measures of lower body strength and […]

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Keeping Pitching Simple – Setting Artificial Ceilings for Your Athletes

At the 2015 ABCA Convention, the overarching message from pitching coaches and attendees alike was the idea that things need to be “kept simple.” That going into deep detail was ultimately very confusing and hard to understand, and not necessary – after all, pitching effectively simply involves throwing strikes, locating well, having a good pitch […]

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Hacking your Arm Action: A hidden power of overload training

By Ben Brewster

Weighted baseballs can be controversial. I get it. If throwing a regulation 5oz ball leads to insane injury rates amongst pitchers, even at the highest levels of the game, it stands to reason, then, that heavier balls must equal more stress, stress is BAD, and injury rates would be higher. Furthermore, there is […]

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