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High School Baseball Assessments – Free for Seattle Public Schools

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This spring we will open the Driveline Research lab to city public schools if they want to get their high school pitchers screened at no charge in our motion capture lab and learn more about the science of baseball.

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WHEN: Late Winter, Spring 2019 – likely weekday evenings and some Saturdays
WHO: Coaches from inner-city, public high schools local to Seattle prioritized
WHERE: Driveline Research Lab, Kent, WA (South Puget Sound suburb of Seattle)
WHY: If you are interested in the science of baseball and getting motion capture screening reports on your pitchers at no charge

Pitchers will be required to sign informed consent documents with their parent/guardian signatures (NO EXCEPTIONS) and dress in sliders/shoes to throw off our indoor mound.

Due to heavy demand, we will be prioritizing inner-city and public high schools local to Seattle first, then consider geographically diverse locations with the main priority always being based on need and complications with funding. It is the primary intention of this project to give back to inner-city and public schools who lack baseball resources with a secondary intention of widening a research base of high school-aged pitchers to help put a dent in baseball pitching-related injuries that are accelerating nationwide.

ATHLETES: We strongly, STRONGLY recommend bringing this idea to your coach instead of filling out this form. We CANNOT accommodate many – if any – high school athletes who apply through this form. If your coach is unresponsive or combative, you can fill out this form and provide further clarification in the free-form comment section.

How to Apply

To apply for consideration, please fill out the following Google Form:


We will be in touch as we collect applications. Due to anticipated demand, not all who apply will be selected and not all who apply will get a personalized response. Thanks for your patience and interest in this program!

Comment section

  1. Robert Maya -

    I live in Miami where there are a number of pitching coaches claiming they’re Driveline certified- which I don’t believe even exist? Would be nice if you actually had a facility in Miami where it’s loaded with great anatute baseball talent and where many pros call home. What do you say Kyle?

    • Kyle Boddy -

      There is no such thing as “Driveline certified” as of 12/29/2018. Miami sounds great but we have 35 employees and moving them down there might be tough. Quality control of two facilities is simply too difficult at this time – we plan on expanding via certification (in the future) and other methods. Thanks though!

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