Foundations of Pitching: Driveline Coaches Certification


How can you, a responsible, growth-minded baseball coach, navigate a swamp of information on pitching development and apply it in a real-world setting?

The heavily-requested “Driveline Certification” course is finally here: Foundations of Pitching.

Our staff spent months developing and refining in-house training programs for our interns and employees. We’ve distilled it down to our core principles and methods on getting the best results out of pitchers and turned it into what we’re calling the Foundations of Pitching course, the first of many tracks in the Driveline Coaches Certification platform. This course is designed to teach a framework for the pitching delivery, the basics of our drill work (and easy modifications based on assessment data), and year-round programming¬† templates and modifications.

But First, the Basic Questions

Let’s tackle the most common questions first:

How much does it cost?

$999.00, which includes the online exam and the in-person live practicum*.

* transportation to/from event and lodging not included

How long is my certification valid for?

Certifications are good for a year after completing the live event.

How do I stay certified?

To stay certified, you’ll need to stay current. There will be yearly “update” courses available to anyone who has completed certifications in the previous year. To maintain your certification, you will need to pay a small annual fee and complete the annual “update” coursework. Annual cost of recertification will be $59.

Will I be listed as certified on Driveline’s website or marketed in any way?

No. Coaches completing the certification will receive the designation of having completed the course but we will not market your completion. We will confirm your completion or non-completion of coursework to third parties upon proof of a coach marketing themselves as “certified” or having completed the course.

What rights do I have to use Driveline in my own marketing of my program, facility or skills?

Upon completion of the course, you will be certified in that course. We do not give permission to individuals or programs to represent they are “Driveline”. “Driveline-certified” or a variant is an appropriate designation.

Now, Let’s Talk Details

Foundations of Pitching has two components:

  1. A comprehensive online course
  2. An in-person practical portion

The online course contains 32 video lectures. These videos (complimented by a PDF booklet) form the basis of the course material.

This portion contains videos teaching our fundamentals of training and programming pitchers. Following each video is a short quiz focused on both general topics that the course covered and practical application of the information. Each quiz has a passing percentage (80%) that must be met before moving on to the next section.

Upon passing all the quizzes, you can sign up for your in-person seminar date.

Summary of Table of Contents

  • Physiology, Planes of Motion, Anatomy
  • Basics of Biomechanics
  • Trunk Movement
  • Arm Action
  • Lower Half
  • Sidearmers
  • Warm-Up Principles
  • Drill Principles
  • Types of Drills
  • Training Economy and Stress
  • Modifications for Type of Athlete
  • Training Days
  • Building Out Your Program

Upon completing the online segments, you can sign-up for our in-person practicums, where the rubber really meets the road: The test of a coach is how well they can deploy knowledge in real-time. A broad base of knowledge combined with the empathy and leadership you already possess is a good foundation for making a big impact on your athletes’ careers.

In-person seminars are 2 days long and take place in Kent, Washington (more locations to be announced end of 2019).

Our first in-person practicum takes place on July 27-28. The remaining dates in Seattle, WA are:

  • August 24th-25th
  • September 21st-22nd
  • October 26th-27th
  • November 23rd-24th

More dates and locations will be announced.

Sign Up for Foundations Now

Foundations of Pitching is purchased directly from the Driveline Coaches Certification site.

What the Foundations purchase page looks like (click to enlarge)

Once you purchase Foundations, you will receive an email with instructions to click the link and set your password to your account. After that, you’ll log into our online software and access your certification course.

Video Tutorials

How to purchase Foundations of Pitching

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How to access Foundations once purchased

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