How to Long Toss on a 120-Foot Throwing Program

Every year high-school and college players who have been preparing their arms for years with long toss and weighted balls sign with baseball teams that restrict their throwing distance to 120-feet. Or, better, say “you can throw as much as far as you want…in 8 minutes.” While there...


Learning to Train With Intent: How Peter Bayer Got Drafted

The 9th-round pick of the Tampa Bay Rays is an unlikely signee. Because, at the end of 2015, Peter Bayer was not a prospect. At the University of Richmond from 2013-2015, the 6’4″ 185-pound pitcher compiled a 7.86 ERA in 87 innings with non-premium velocity. If you looked at my stats, yo...


Demonizing Weighted Balls – A Review of Criticisms

A common line of argument against training with weighted balls goes something like this: “Weighted balls only train the arm. Good pitching training trains the athlete to use the whole body to accelerate the arm to the target, minimizing injury risk.” This line of thinking makes some fundamental assu...


The Reinvention of Casey Weathers Part 2 – The Importance of Arm Health

“It’s no joke to try to get yourself from 95 mph to 100 mph in one offseason.” The Bump in the Road When we wrote, previously, about Casey Weathers, his troubles after Tommy John recovery and his return to baseball after two elbow surgeries, the piece ended on a hopeful, positive note – a free...


Uncommitted to Drafted: Christian Meister’s Year of Pitching Training

Summary In the 2015 MLB Draft, Christian Meister was drafted in the 29th round out of “No School.” He was signed because he showcased good velocity with command despite graduating from a junior college and not having a team to play for during the 2015 season. During his pitching training...