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Baseball Australia and TRAQ

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One of the earliest users of our TRAQ software was Baseball Australia. We recently spoke with their general manager of performance pathways and athlete development, Glenn Williams, to discuss how they have benefitted from the adoption. 

Baseball Australia was initially interested in using TRAQ to connect their coaching staff with players on the Australian Senior National Team in advance of their first opportunity to qualify for Olympic competition. Williams quickly saw potential in the software: “As soon as we started to implement it,” he said, “I could definitely see the scope of where it could go with the remainder of our programs.”

A big challenge for Baseball Australia is the distance that often separates its athletes and coaches. The Baseball Australia umbrella consists of six separate programs spread across the country, and before TRAQ, it wasn’t easy for coaches to collect and share data on players. As a result, players didn’t have access to feedback they needed to improve quickly. In an attempt to remedy this, two of the six Baseball Australia programs adopted TRAQ; it was so effective that the other four are now preparing to follow suit. 

“They’ve raved about how well it [TRAQ] works in terms of documenting programming and creating a link with their athletes outside of the limited face-to-face time they have,” Williams said. “I can see a time in the not-too-distant future where TRAQ houses our development programming and we can have more of an impact on the athletes we are working with.” 

After an initial trial period, Baseball Australia now uses TRAQ to collect data on 100+ athletes around the country, including candidates for the Australian National Team. Multiple Rapsodo machines allow the organization to conveniently collect data on players in geographically diverse locations. This data can then be visualized in TRAQ with significantly less hassle and expense than was previously possible. 

The GM appreciates how this versatility allows the organization to use its resources more efficiently. “The best feature we’ve found so far is the ability for our technology to link straight into the athlete’s profiles,” said Williams. “We are limited with resources. We do what we can to provide value for money for the athletes and we don’t have the ability to have data analysts crunching through the data…he dashboards taking the data we are collecting and presenting it to the athletes and coaches is…an amazing feature for us. It’s not easy wading through the information that can be available to you through the latest technology hardware. TRAQ has provided an avenue for us to more easily gather and report on what we are collecting. The flexibility of the dashboards provides the ability to be able to present relevant metrics to the end user.” 

Baseball Australia may be uniquely spread out, but many organizations—from high schools and colleges to private facilities and even professional teams,—have difficulty collecting, sharing, and making sense of player data. TRAQ has proven a very effective tool for managing those difficulties, at least for Baseball Australia.  

“As we grow, we will be able to help our athletes understand and have real information about their progress, as well as the ability for them to compare themselves across their peer group,”Williams says. The organization is just beginning to integrate the software into its operations. “We’re excited about what’s to come with TRAQ, and can see this platform evolving over time and really helping us to deliver more effective programs throughout our own evolution of athlete development.” 

That makes two of us! 

Learn more about TRAQ and sign up for a 30 minute demo here: https://www.drivelinebaseball.com/traq/

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