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What Do Real Users Think About TRAQ?

Baseball Australia

“It’s not easy wading through the information that can be available to you through the latest technology hardware. TRAQ has provided an avenue for to more easily gather and report on what we are collecting. The flexibility of the dashboards provides the ability to be able to present relevant to the end user. We’re excited about what’s to come with TRAQ and can see this platform evolving over time and really helping us to deliver more effective programs throughout our own evolution of athlete development.”

Taylor University

“Here at Taylor University we utilize the Driveline TRAQ software on a daily and weekly basis throughout the year. We use TRAQ to program and make adjustments with our pitchers daily throwing programs, our players strength workouts, and input data collected from any physical assessments or training sessions. We use tools like HitTrax for our hitters and Rapsodo pitching 2.0, and a high speed, slow-motion camera with our pitchers on a daily basis with our players. TRAQ gives us the ability to integrate the valuable data these player development tools collect and generate, all into one centrally located place. Another added benefit of TRAQ is the ability to create custom reports for any of the data we have tracked.  This allows for easy checkpoints on our end to make sure our players are actually improving, and if not, make the necessary adjustments needed to their individualized development plans.”


TRAQ On-Board

Why Did We Build TRAQ?

We custom-built TRAQ to run our own in-gym and remote training programs.
You can use it to build your own data-driven player development programs.

Who Is TRAQ For?

TRAQ is built for college, high school, travel ball programs, and independent facilities. It's built for coaches to run one or several data-driven development team programs time efficiently.

What Is TRAQ?

Custom Programming

You don’t have to run Driveline’s programming.
Write and upload your own programs — your athletes track their data. 
Run your way. With our enterprise-grade assessment and analysis tools.

Baseball Tech Integration

Do you use baseball’s cutting edge technology? How much time do you spend copying data from one place to another? Can you track your information from multiple devices across time?
TRAQ automatically pulls in data from your baseball tech cloud subscriptions.
See athlete data from Rapsodo, Hittrax, Blast, Pocket Radar, Trackman, K-Vest and Diamond Kinetics (with more on the way) displayed in TRAQ alongside throwing, hitting and strength programming.

Reporting and Analysis

How well are your players doing? Are they doing better or worse than last month? How long will it take you to find that answer? 
TRAQ’s dashboards give you that information at a glance — and synced across disciplines. You can get better insights on how your strength programming is impacting on-field performance. 

Year-Round Tools

Development doesn’t just happen in the off-season. TRAQ’s tools work year-round with dedicated in-season programs and tracking sheets. 
If you’re a team coach, you can get the most out of your investment. If you’re a facility owner, you can more actively help your athletes throughout the year.

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