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Who TRAQ is for

TRAQ is built for college, high school, travel ball programs, independent facilities, and athletes. It was built to power data-driven development programs in a time-efficient manner.

What TRAQ is

It’s the place to track your data, visualize it, and understand it.

Write and upload your own programs — your athletes track their data. Run your way. With enterprise-grade assessment and analysis tools, including Driveline EDGE and PitchAI.

• Why we built TRAQ •

We wanted a central location to schedule workouts, program your athletes, set goals, upload videos, and upload data from different hitting and pitching technologies. So we custom-built TRAQ to run our own in-gym and remote training programs.

TRAQ is the hub for players and coaches to organize everything they would need to improve as a baseball player.

Now you can use it to build your own data-driven player development programs.

Now with ProPlayAI's PitchAI.

By taking a slo-mo video of the pitching motion from the side, we can recreate a biomechanical model of your mechanics in 3D and generate a report—similar to what you would receive in our lab!

Cut Hours Of Programming Time And
Upgrade Your Training Experience


Assign programming, either Driveline’s base programs or your own created workouts, that can be completed by athletes including customizable data inputs and links.

Integrate Tech

Combine all of your baseball tech data into one easy-to-manage place and utilize all of that data using TRAQ’s reporting features

EDGE Reports

Compile custom downloadable PDF reports using all data collected in TRAQ. Generate pitch recommendations, swing analysis, biomechanical feedback, and more, all inside TRAQ using EDGE.


Customizable resource tab accessible by everyone at the facility along with a common resource tab with helpful videos and documents from Driveline.

Data Dashboard

Create custom tables and graphs using all data collected in TRAQ for your athletes and trainers to see.


Share and download video from athletes and trainers via the media tab to ensure they are getting the best instruction possible.

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TRAQ is an investment in yourself and your players. Athletes spend 4 out of every 5 minutes on TRAQ, so if a trainer spends 1 hour on TRAQ, they’re investing 4 hours into their athletes.

TRAQ is trusted by over 1,100 facilities and schools.

Integrate Baseball Tech

See athlete data from Rapsodo, HitTrax, Blast, Pocket Radar, TrackMan, K-Vest, Diamond Kinetics, and Motus (with more on the way) all in one place.

All of this data is displayed in TRAQ alongside throwing, hitting, and strength programming.

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