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Equipment Your Baseball Bag Should Have

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We get it – your baseball bag is stuffed full of BBQ or Dill Pickle sunflower seeds and gum, spare baseballs you stole from the bullpen (don’t lie), a no-longer-legal-BESR bat for cage laser shows, and a mitt that needs a serious relacing and reconditioning job (we recommend lanolin).

Dill Seeds
These are gross.

But there’s a list of equipment you absolutely should carry around if you’re a pitcher who cares about arm health.

The Bare Minimum

Here’s the list of stuff you should keep in the bag at the bare minimum – not including your essentials, like cleats. You should never be caught dead without:

  • A set of resistance bands – essential for pre/post arm care, warmup, and cooldown
  • Small foam roller – gotta have it for self-myofascial release, mobility drills, and using as a pillow during double-headers you aren’t pitching

Probably Should Have

Our guys use wrist weights all the time:

Herbie - Wrist Weights

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