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Stuff to Read: 9/12/2011 (Steve Delabar Story, Jason Vargas THT Post)

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Looking for a velocity-adding weighted baseball program?  

Steve Delabar’s journey to the major leagues with the Seattle Mariners is a feel-good story anyone could love, right?

Maybe not. Think about it: Why didn’t organized baseball have a velocity development plan for Steve to get him back to where he needed to be? Why did Steve need to explore alternative options by himself to break back into professional baseball?

Steve Delabar

I wrote about this on my latest short article at The Hardball Times – Steve Delabar: How Organized Baseball Failed Him. Go check it out.

Additionally, there’s also my longer article about Jason Vargas and “The Twist” that he added to his mechanics. It seems to have added some fastball velocity for him, so I broke it down a bit at The Hardball Times.

Jason Vargas - Comparison

A related article from The Hardball Times that I wrote is The Fear of Unorthodoxy: A New Model of Player Development.

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  1. admin -

    That’s a good point. There’s not much in the way of velocity development in the professional ranks from my experience, but there are plenty of pitching coaches who think they can solve someone’s control issues. Pitching is not a system of isolated parts – “control,” “velocity,” and so forth: You get better as a pitcher overall in any well-designed training program.

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